What Should You Do With Your Kid During Holiday Break Because They’re So B-O-R-E-D?


My 6 year-old is home for the next few weeks and I haven’t planned on anything yet to keep her occupied. Below are some sites I came across on Pinterest that have some good ideas as well as some ideas I have in mind.

Good luck!

Read together.

Have game night.


Let them help you cook, which I’m working on due to my “I NEED TO DO IT BY MYSELF” tendencies.

Face painting, which my kid goes crazy for.

Take a walk around the neighborhood.

Go To The Library,

Let them paint your fingernails and vice versa.

Tell them to go clean their room. There’s a 99% chance they’ll hate the thought so add “or you can clean the windows and dust”. Not only will they do something you don’t care to do, you may get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Living Well Spending Less – This has several great ideas to do while the kids are home, from making murals to dioramas.

Buzzfeed – They have some ideas to burn some energy if you’re indoors.

The Imagination Tree – Great calming activities, especially for younger kids. A few years ago, my daughter and I had fun making the rain stick.

Classy Clutter – Several fun things to do like making snow paint.

The Book Diaries – I’ve spent so much time on this site looking for book suggestions.

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