Being One: Drunk Baby Stage

The hummingbird is nearly seven. 7 YEARS-OLD!! So, I’ve been reminiscing on the years that seem to have gone by way too fast. That used to drive me crazy, when I would hear it goes by so fast. This was before babies though.

It would always be “take in everything, it goes by so fast” you won’t believe how fast it goes” “blink and you’ll miss it because they grow so fast”. But like everyone, I thought I will pay attention to everything my kid does so I don’t miss anything and time will slow to a crawl once I was a mom.

And now, my daughter is almost 7 years-old! Seven!! What the hell?

At the time that she was one, I didn’t realize how bad I had postpartum depression and anxiety. I look back now and want to hug that person. Despite not only having a really rough timeadjusting to being a mom but also embracing it, having a 1 year-old was pretty damn awesome. It’s the drunk baby stage. What’s not to love?

Having a one year old is like dealing with that drunk, unruly friend you used to have/currently have. They’re learning how to walk so they have that nice, little zig zag walking going on. I love the drunk baby walk.

They love doing sloppy things. Sloppy kisses, snotty noses, those lovely tantrums where they can go from happy as can be to pissed off toddler in 1.2 seconds.

They eat like they just came home from a drunk bender, stuff all over the floor, clothes, walls, up their nose. Everywhere.

Being one is filled with temperamental, sloppy, slobbery, drunk walking, I want to pull my hair out adventures.

What did you think when your baby was one? Did you love it? Want to run away from home?

*No One Knows

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2 Responses to Being One: Drunk Baby Stage

  1. Evie Gathright April 14, 2016 at 17:16 #

    Thank you! At 36 i adored our redheaded baby boy but slept a lot. Cruised at 9 1/2 months when we stopped nursing which was the best time: him busy nibbling & seeing his fontanel beat, thinking of all the women who’d ever nursed. Treasure that time. He’s 29 in August & still a sweetie.

  2. Hillary May 20, 2016 at 23:31 #

    My son is 1 and a 1/2 and I love watching him tinker. He is so fun and I totally agree and never thought of this before, but yes he’s totally a drunk. He gets side tracked so easy. Eats food off the floor and out of his dump truck. A lot of the things he does are just plain disgusting. I think I’d definitely have to be drunk to do that!

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