When My Daughter Gets Older, I’m Going To Her House And Turning All Of Her Clothes Inside Out

Laundry sucks. Obviously. There’s always at least one basket of clothes that is always sitting outside the laundry room for at least a week before we end up washing it again, usually because by that time, we can’t remember if that was a clean basket of laundry or not.

Then there’s the folding of the laundry. A whole shit ton of it. Especially since my 7 year-old changes about three times a day. Every time I fold her laundry I always find that every. single. flipping. piece of clothing is inside out. Yes, I know. First world problems over here. Her socks in particular drive me bat shit since I have to turn those around one by one.

Maybe it’s just my anal retentive ways or my OCD but I always make sure to leave my clothes ride side out. Kids… not so much, or I’m sure some adults as well.

I’ve asked her to help me by turning the clothes the right way but I may as well be talking to a 7 year-old. It goes in one ear and immediately dissipates into oblivion so whatever I just told her has been forgotten in 1.3 seconds. Just like when I ask her to put the clothes back on the hanger if she decides not to wear something after she’s gotten it off the hanger.

Oh my god, how many more times do I have to keep telling her to do these things? When the bird was about 2 or 3, I thought that was a messy phase but holy hell, the bigger they get, the bigger the mess they make.

So, not only am I going to her house to turn her clothes inside out, I’ll take most of the clothes from their hangers and leave them half way off from hangers in the closest. When I’m done with that, I’ll whine that I didn’t want tacos for dinner, I wanted spaghetti and was really looking forward to it and why, oh, why did you not make spaghetti?

Good plan!

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