Book Suggestions For Adults And Kids


The Art Of Crash Landing – I really loved the style of writing in this book. Mattie, who’s pregnant, finds out about a possible inheritance from her grandmother and goes to Oklahoma with nothing to lose. She finds that there’s a mystery surrounding who her mother was when her mom was younger to the broken person she became after Mattie was born. I really like this one. It’s fun to read and a little quirky.


Between You And Me – Domestic violence is at the forefront of this book so it can be hard to read because of the content but this book consumed me. It tells two sides of a married couple’s story and the ending is unexpected.


The Dinner – Two families come to meet for dinner one night to discuss the outrageous behavior of both of their sons. It starts off as polite chatter and turns to the matter at hand. The horrific crime commited by their sons.


Before I Go To Sleep – Christine wakes up each morning not knowing who she is. There is a wall of pictures and notes in the bathroom that helps her to see her life and her marriage to her husband, Ben, who helps her fill in the pieces. Her interest is piqued about how her accident that erased her memory came about. I loved the ending to this book.


The Light Between Oceans – I suggested this book last year but I just had to do it again. Every now and then, a book will really make an impact on me and this is one of them. It’s beautifully written and has had a lasting impression. A married couple live in a lighthouse and have had trouble with infertility.

A newborn baby and a dead man wash ashore in a boat after the recent stillbirth of their child and they decide to keep the baby and raise it as their own. Years later, the consequences come crashing down on them. The Light Between Oceans is a quiet and emotionally charged book. It isn’t normally a book I would have read but I fell in love with the title when I saw it.


Tiger Eyes – I loved Judy Blume as a preteen and this was one of my favorites. Davey’s father was recently killed and her mother moves them to New Mexico. She meets a boy, Wolf, who helps her feel hopeful about her life again. 12 and up.


the-critter-clubThe Critter Club – My 7 year-old daughter likes these books about friends and their pet themed stories. 5-8 years old.


Ramona Quimby, Age 8 – I really loved this book as a kid. I read so many Beverly Clearly books, if not all of them. 7-10 years old.

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