I Spent The Summer With My Husband And Didn’t Kill Him

My husband retired from the Navy over the summer and was at home. He was waiting for his new job to start but with all the paperwork and signatures they needed, he was home for two damn months. I thought he would start his new job a few weeks after he retired but nope. I would ask him if he had heard anything about it nearly everyday.

The first week was really nice. We did things like go to the farmer’s market, went to the park, went to lunch, blah, blah, blah. After all these years, I actually convinced him to go to the nail salon with me and he actually got a pedicure. He didn’t say anything afterwards, but we all know he liked it. Then, we closed on our new house and moved in. Things went pretty smoothly until the last few weeks. I wanted to get back into my routine. He started making me crazy.

When I would ask him if he heard anything and he said no, in my mind, I threw a toddler fit. The kind where you try to pick a toddler up but they go limp and are like a slippery noodle and then they throw their head back, red faced and crying while speaking gibberish. Yeah, I was like that.

And then finally, he had news that he was starting work two weeks from then. YES! I will finally have the damn house to myself!

The husband finally started work a few weeks ago and the hummingbird started school on Tuesday. I can now drink my coffee in peace and more importantly, while it’s hot.

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One Response to I Spent The Summer With My Husband And Didn’t Kill Him

  1. Tanya September 9, 2016 at 16:38 #

    Oh, I totally understand!!! My husband travels 187 days from Sept to May, so when he had major back surgery at the end of Apr and was not only just in town, but constantly home!! I know he needed to recoup & recover, but I am so used to being home with just our son, it totally threw me right off. So, at first it was hard cause I was busy taking care of him. Then once he was feeling better, it was nice; at first. By his fourth or fifth week home, I was definitely ready for him to go back to work!!!

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