Go To Bed. Go To Bed. Go To Bed.

By the time my kid was seven years-old, I didn’t think sleep would be an issue for her.

It is.

Fucking fuck.

There’s always some ailment that needs tending to and is causing her to stay awake. Like that invisible scratch on her ankle, or she needs a hangnail cut off, or another good night kiss.

Well, a new bedtime hell has taken over the house and it’s all Bloody Mary’s fault. A classmate of her’s told the hummingbird how if she says Bloody Mary in the mirror three times, she appears.

Now, it’s all about Bloody Mary coming to get her and she’ll get up out of bed three or four times before she falls asleep.

Also, a few weeks ago, we had two power outages a few minutes apart. It was early in the morning and it woke her up.

So, besides Bloody Mary, we have to assure her that if it rains or snows, there’s most likely not going to be a power outage.

It doesn’t matter though. It’s just one more excuse for her to use to try and get out of going to bed. If only she knew that I know ALL of the tricks. But, she seems so sure that she’s pulling one over on me.

Sleep, how I miss you.

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2 Responses to Go To Bed. Go To Bed. Go To Bed.

  1. Tanya February 14, 2017 at 15:29 #

    HA! I had a classmate like that once! 😳

  2. Neese May 9, 2017 at 12:14 #

    Earplugs. Sleep mask. Signage: Waking mom before the alarm has consequences: 1st time: grounded from all electronics 3 days. 2nd offense: Grounded from all toys 1 week. 3rd offense: Triple assigned homework plus grounded from all toys 1 week. **Exceptions for unstoppable bleeding, broken limbs, and sudden death.**

    My daughter is a natural night owl. She finds it difficult to fall asleep before midnight, and has for literally forever. However, when young she would fall asleep if she got still for long enough. This meant no lights, no music, no watching tv, no toys in bed, no talking, no getting out of bed for any reason. “Lay down and be quiet for 10 minutes, and if you are still having trouble sleeping we will try something else.”

    And I would go check on her after _30_ minutes. She didn’t have a clock in her bedroom or a watch or even a cell phone back then, so she thought it felt like a long time because she was bored.

    Now she is 20 and does the same thing to her younger brother…

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