Book And Movie Suggestions

Behind Closed Doors – This book terrified me. I didn’t realize how scary, sick, and twisted it was until I was up late reading and scootched closer to my husband while lying in bed. When that wasn’t enough, I had to turn on the table lamp because the story was creeping me out.

A husband and wife seem to have the perfect life but things aren’t always how they appear to be.

The Lying Game – Four best friends and former classmates come together after one of them sends a message that she needs them. It seems as though someone from their past knows a secret they’ve been keeping.

Into The Darkest Corner – I wasn’t expecting much from this book but was totally wrong. A woman suffered a traumatic experience and the story goes between the past and present.


Nightcrawler – Holy Fuck, this movie is really intense and so good. Jake Gyllllenhaaaaaaallllll, I can never spell his name right, is creepy as fuck and so good in this film. His character goes around filming accidents and crime scenes, then he sells the video to a television news station. It also has the amazing Rene Russo.

Get Out – This movie is fucked up. I’m still trying to digest it and I saw it awhile ago.

Christine – I have fallen in love with actress, Rebecca Hall, after seeing this. This is definitely not a happy happy joy joy movie. Newswoman, Christine, committed suicide live on air in the 70’s. The film is pretty dark but really captivated me.

The Gift – Another great film with Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman. A couple starts receiving unwanted gifts from the husband’s former high school classmate. The ending is still making me pee myself. I’ve seen the movie twice more because of how good it is.

I’d love to hear what your movie and book suggestions are.

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2 Responses to Book And Movie Suggestions

  1. Gia October 8, 2017 at 00:17 #

    Peter James novels. The Roy Grace series.
    I was walking into posts and tripping over gutters and dripping my coffee down my front every time I picked up his books. Brilliant storyline and addictive. It’s like the book becomes part of your life.

  2. Gia October 8, 2017 at 00:22 #

    Oh and don’t forget Jefferson Bass. Pick up the first book and you will be hungry for the next one and then the next. Infact I drove an hour to get one of his books cause I couldn’t wait for library to exchange it. Will keep you guessing and fall in love with the storyline.
    Total book geek. I could go on for hours.

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