Notebooks, And Daily Planners, And Pens…

I make my way into the entrance. I’m welcomed by a greeter who says hello and I flash a quick smile towards them. I’m here on one mission and one mission only. I swerve out of the way of a mom with two toddlers and a runaway shopping cart.

And then.

I step into my glorious place.

On one side, I’m surrounded by pens and pencils.

Oooh, yeah!

On the other side are enough post-its on the display to make an outfit out of them. Mmmhmmm, I would love to have a post-it outfit.

Just a few steps away are the notebooks and journals.


I covfefe, I mean I confess, I’m an office supply slut.

I can’t get enough notebooks and colored pencils. Markers and printer paper.

Even if the notebook gets passed on to my 8 year-old’s way and is marked on each page with a face of a kitten or bunny rabbit, I still absolutely love picking out notebooks that I have every intention of writing in but don’t always follow through because I have so many that “I just had to have” at the time.

Daily planners are also my hot jam.

I don’t use them for my daily planning. I use them as a food and exercise diary. Yet, it always happens.

I’ll sneak a peek at the daily planners on Amazon, even though I’ve been using another one. It will be some pretty purple daily planner with a flower cut out of it.

I have to have this now!!!

And, that’s why I have three daily planners in a drawer in my kitchen.

Paper clips make me weak at the knees. You don’t even wan’t to know what a stapler does to me.

I have four words.

Magnetic. Shopping. List. Pad.

Ooh, la la.

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3 Responses to Notebooks, And Daily Planners, And Pens…

  1. Charlie December 31, 2017 at 08:59 #

    Happy new year to you too. I wish you health and happiness for 2018. Please keep blogging, your posts are real and that’s what makes them interesting to read. Take care x

    • Jules January 3, 2018 at 21:21 #

      Thank you, Charlie. More times than not, I feel like I’m done writing here but just like now, I want to continue to write my gibberish. 🙂

  2. Ernie December 31, 2017 at 15:43 #

    Hilarious! I have a thing for notebooks – not necessarily planners. I use the main part of the page for my to do list – I create a column to the right for my grocery list. I have saved my notebooks over the years. Occasionally I look back at what I needed ‘to do’ several years ago and it takes me BACK! Oh, but I have lost a few notebooks along the way. Left one in a hotel room. Left one in a grocery cart while shopping for Thanksgiving feast. I used to jot down funny things the kids said in there, so when I lost one it hurt me to my core.

    May your 2018 be well organized – because of your carefully chosen notebook/planner!

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