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Blog Love: Caitlin, etc., A Good Enough Mother, But Alas, I Digress, And The Simple Hive

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For Blog Love this time around, I wanted to hear from you and tell me about a site you have. Thank you Caitlin, Alison, and Sherry for sharing your blogs. I always love discovering new ones and sharing them with others. If you want some blog love, please don’t hesitate to let me know by emailing me at Let me know the name of your blog and the link, a brief description, and if desired, links to some of your favorite posts that you’ve written. xoxo

Caitlin, etc.: I write about life, anxiety, and my many adventures with my husband, baby daughter and dog. I also touch on awkwardness, fear of social interaction, and the hobbies I somehow fit into life with a baby.

A Good Enough Mother: This is my mom blog, where I write about everything having to do with the screaming little demon that completely upended my life nigh on 8 months ago. I tend to focus on the harder stuff–postpartum depression, anxiety, terror, colic–but I try to touch on the happy, ooey gooey things sometimes too.

But Alas, I Digress:  I want more people to comment so I can go check out their blogs too! I talk about sewing and craft projects, recipes, and general life. It’s often a little sparse but I try to post at least every month.

The Simple Hive: I share ways in which we deal with homeschooling, multiple food allergies, an insane DIY addiction and the goal of living well, all without losing our minds. Sherry also has an Etsy shop: Simple Hive.

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Blog Love


Usually, I pick blogs I’ve been reading and give out some blog love. This time though, I would like you to share your blog in the comments with a little description and then I’ll make a list and post them next week.

So, c’mon. Get in on the blog love!

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Blog Love: Katkinslee, Life, Motherhood, And The Pursuit Of Happiness, And The Places You Will Go

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I’m still stuck with some plague from hell. I finally went to the doctor last week and found I have a raging sinus infection on top of a cold so I was prescribed antibiotics. But, I had a nasty reaction to them and was prescribed something different a few days ago. Blech. I am so over feeling like this. The hummingbird hasn’t been feeling very good… again. It seems like we keep passing this cold back and forth.

I never knew just how germy Kindergarten was until the little bird started school last month. I thought we were out of the woods now that she wasn’t in preschool anymore. Ha!

I wrote a little poem on my blog Facebook page about having a cold while having kids to care for. Ready? Ready!

Kill me. Kill me. Omfg, kill me now!

Just fucking kill me.


I also decided to go back to school. Eeeek! My night classes started a few weeks ago. I’ve only been to 2 of the classes because of this crappy, crappy cold and sinus yuckiness. Here that? It’s me hyperventilating and panicking over all the studying and homework I need to catch up with. *deep breath* I’ll write more about that later.

In the mean time, here’s blog love for some lovely ladies.

KatkinsleeSTAY CALM!!Cats In Wigs, SURPRISE!!!!, and My Top 5 Most Annoying Book Characters. Twitter: Katkinslee

Life, Motherhood, And The Pursuit Of HappinessThe Great Pizza Meltdown Of 2014, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… I Really Don’t Care What You Are, 25 Reasons Why I’m Not Cut Out For The Workforce, and An Ordinary Duck.

The Places You Will Go4 Year-olds, It Is Permanent, Maid Or Wife?, and Mother Vs Daughter.

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Blog Love: Mama By Fire, Vegan Mama, and Three Boys And A Mom


I recently discovered these three blogs and really enjoy reading them. They have plenty of variety for everyone. Share the blog love and check these out!

Mama By Fire: I’ve been reading this blog since last weekend and it always keeps me entertained. Kids Are Gross!; picking their noses, poop, and sneezing in your face. Gotta love kids, Mama Confession (Guest Post); an honest look at postpartum depression, 7 Reasons The Toddler Annoyed The Shit Out Of Me Today; we all have these kind of days. Twitter: @mamabyfire Facebook: Mama By Fire

Vegan Mama: I love this blog and nope, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it. There are plenty of recipes which I love since I’m lactose intolerant as well as plenty of DIY posts. 3 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles; so easy and delicious, DIY Customizable Healing Salves; cold season is coming up and these are great natural remedies, Raspberry Limeade (or Lemonade); have I told you how obsessed I am with limeade anything? This is so very good., Homemade Bubble Mix: the hummingbird has a bubble machine and these bubbles are awesome and cheaper than store bought.

Three Boys And A Mom: This is such a well written blog about a single mom with 3 boys. Beauty In The Broken; dealing with divorce, How A Mom Enjoys Her Coffee In 97 Steps; so funny and true, You Know You Belong To Boys When; tripping on legos, farts, and wrestling. Twitter; @rachaelplus3 Facebook: Three Boys And A Mom

*Video: Panic! At The Disco… an impressive rendition.

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Blog Love: Rubber Shoes In Hell, Stay At Home Pundit, My Life Suckers, and Temerity Jane.

bloglove1Check out these great blogs and pass on the love!

Rubber Shoes In Hell: Emergency Bags And Leaky Data, Do NOT Touch My Boobs, and Unpleasant Sayings That Apply. Twitter: @RageMichelle

Stay At Home Pundit: A Manifesto On Fucking, Why I Think Transphobia Is Stupid, and Kirk Cameron Is A Bigot. Yeah, I Said It. Twitter: @AtHomePundit

My Life Suckers: Love her blog and Deva is also a contributor for What The Flicka?.: Real Mom Makeup Tutorial (freaking hilarious and relatable), Bedtime (“Timber” Mom Parody), Boob Torture Device AKA The Breast Pump, and The Big Poop Plane Delay. Twitter: @mylifesuckers

Temerity Jane: Love her tagline… It Is Way Better To Be Me Than To Be Someone Who Has To Deal With MeI’m Sorry I Blamed You, Purple Laces, CRAPMAGNET, and Please Don’t Sic Your Flight Attendants On Me And Parenty Rectangles. Twitter: @TemerityJane

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Blog Love: Fisticuffs and Shenanigans & Also Know As… The Wife.

bloglove1 Make sure to check out these great blogs and spread the love! xx *For some reason, this post keeps on becoming jumbled into one big paragraph. Grumble… grumble.

Fisticuffs and Shenanigans – I was up for quite awhile last night on her blog and it had me laughing so much. She’s a wife and teacher.

That’s Some Kickass Crying, There

Terrorists… They Care About Your Colon

I’ve Been Arrested In Places That Smell Less Like Poo Than This

The Universe Is Trying To Give Me An STD

One More Word And I Show You The Stretchmarks

Twitter @MeglyMc

AKA… The Wife – She’s a military wife and mom who has kick ass recipes and posts on various topics.

Why Do They Talk So Much? Fruit Pizza (I’ve been wanting to make this for so long, can’t wait to try the recipe!)

Banana Bread French Toast With Caramel Syrup (drooling!)

An Exercise In Humility And Patience

My Story Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes with Bacon Sprinkles (oh hell yeah!)

Twitter: Aka_theWife



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Blog Love: My Special Kind Of Crazy, Laotian Commotion, and Bitch & Whine


I haven’t given out blog love in a while and need to bring the love back. Here are three I know you’ll love so make sure to check them out and spread the love.

I would normally elaborate more on these awesome blogs but the little hummingbird and I are sick… AGAIN. Blech!

My Special Kind Of Crazy – Twitter @thevoltz2000

Laotian Commotion – Twitter @LaotianComotion

Bitch & Whine

*Ain’t It Fun

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