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I’ll pass on the carrots.

*This is really gross.

As long as I’ve been with my husband, 19 years, he always has a big bowl of baby carrots whenever we have pizza.

Fine, no biggie, right?


It’s one of those teeny tiny relationship things that doesn’t seem like a big deal but drives me up the wall after all of these years. Crunch, crunch, crunch is what I hear for what feels like forever.

While we were having pizza the other night, the hummingbird was chewing a carrot and started gagging. The closest thing to me was the big bowl of carrots, filled to the brim.

Gross Alert… she puked in the carrot bowl.

After she finished, my first thought was YES, there go the carrots!!

Yay, I didn’t have to hear that carrot crunch for once!

Thank you, my pukey 4 year-old. Thank you.

*Somewhat Damaged

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I was going to try to keep this on the down low but I’m so excited as well as very nervous and anxious. It’s difficult to keep this quiet for the next few months since I love to overshare… for better or worse.

If all goes well this time around, the hummingbird is going to be a big sister. Fingers and toes crossed! 

We were planning on waiting to try again early next year but my birth control pill had another fail. Whoops! I was taking it every day at the same time every night. Didn’t miss once… that I know of.

For the people I know in real life who read my blog, I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep this quiet for now. Mwah!

But I wanted to share this news with all of you who have been such wonderful support since the loss I had in July and beyond. I sincerely mean it and thank you all. You’ve all been so kind and absolute sweethearts.

Love ya! xoxo

My collection since I'm still in disbelief. lol

My collection since I’m still in disbelief. lol

*Love Song

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Insane In The Maine Brain: Pics

Now that I’m getting more settled here, I’m starting to see how gorgeous it is. One thing that amazes my husband and I is that the sky is incredible in Maine. Most days, it looks like the clouds have been photoshopped.

I know, it’s just some clouds but I find it to be pretty damn spectacular. And the sunsets are like no other.







*Silversun Pickups

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My mind will always be boggled by the fact that I made a person.

bird-diner1*Real Quick… I’ve been using the nickname hummingbird for my daughter and of course the hubby for who else? My hubby. I’ll still call them that but I’d like to use regular names for them from time to time. Because of my anonymity, needless to say, I can’t do that. So, you get to pick the name I’ll use for them in future posts.

For the “fake name” choices, they are Poppy and Ava for the hummingbird. For the husband, it’s Ryan (for Ryan Gosling, of course) or Eric. Vote in the comments!


Fine. This is getting away from my regular bitching and snark and may be too sickly sweet for some people. If that happens, drink a shot of tequila every time you see the word “love”, even if you’re at work. I counted 9, by the way, including “lub”. But I could be wrong as math was and will always be my worst subject.

Here are some of the things that the hummingbird currently does that pull on my heartstrings.

1. I love how she doesn’t quite know how to say her F’s yet. She’ll say “my pinger” or “are you making pood?” Or when she asks me “mommy, why did you just say “pucker?” while I’m driving.

2. How she gets so excited by the smallest things. I bought her a few pairs of sunglasses at Gymboree last month and as we were walking back to the car, she told EVERYBODY she passed that “mommy bought me sunglasses!”

3. I love that I can easily make her laugh.

4. I love how when I call her a stinker, she says “I’m not a stinker, I’m hummingbird”. Subs with her real name, of course.

5. As many mommy fuck-ups I feel like I have, she has so much patience and love for me.

6. She says “I lub you!”

7. I love how she picks her outfits out by herself and love seeing what she comes up with.

8. She seems to look at the world with so much joy and hope. It helps me to look past the bad.

9. How she greets me when I pick her up at preschool.

10. I love how silly she is and her sense of humor.

11. I love that I helped create this incredible and beautiful person and still can’t believe that she came from my body. Am I the only one that still thinks that’s so weird? That you actually create a person. Even after 4 years, it’s still is something that’s hard for me to believe. My mind will always be boggled by that.

I think it’s so important to take a look at the things we love about our children because in everyday life, it’s so easy to get caught up in bullshit and we forget to see the wonderful side of our little hummingbirds.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind that makes you crazy in love with your children?

*Dixie Chicks

Now to clear your palate. From The King’s Speech. Love!



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Those unxpected moments.



chalk-paint333Just like most other things, this didn’t go as planned. Earlier today, I thought I would make this sidewalk chalk paint, sit on our patio and watch my 4 year-old paint, and relax a little while doing so.


I let the hummingbird help me make the chalk paint and we went outside.

I got her all set up, walked in for the camera, and a few minutes later, she accidentally knocked over the pan with the paints.

She took off her shoes and stomped around in it. My anal side came out and I thought “nooooo, this isn’t the way it’s supposed to go”.

Then I saw how much fun she was having and took the stick out of my ass. I enjoyed watching her stomp around in the paint and make footprints.

She ended up covered in the stuff and it was a quick bath since dinner was almost done. While I started writing this, I realized that it’s usually better when things don’t go as planned and most of my favorite memories are of those unplanned moments.

My point. If you’re a perfectionist like me and want EVERYTHING to always go right, push yourself a little and go outside the box.

Enjoy these unplanned moments that will most likely become some of your and your child’s favorite memories.

*Kelly Clarkson ~ Catch My Breathe

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I Left My Heart In Seattle


*I almost pulled this post down because I didn’t like the way it worked out but it stays. I’ll go and drink a bottle of shut the fuck up now and let you read it.  :^)

A while back, I asked you to give me some writing prompt suggestions and one of them was what has been my favorite and worst place to live. That’s a very easy one.

I feel weird telling you about my least favorite, especially if you live there but that would be Ft. Worth, TX. My in-laws live in the Dallas area so you can only imagine how awful that was with them being so close.

My favorite place, hands down, is SEATTLE!!!!! I LOVE the Pacific Northwest and have been homesick for it for years now. We lived there for about a year and a half, years ago but I miss it every day.

I’ve had some ask me what is it about Seattle that I like so much and I usually say it was everything. It just had the perfect combination of quirky, beauty, nature, entertainment, food, and everything else I ever wanted when it comes to where I want to live.

seattle3With my husband being in the military, we’ve lived many places and I will always be a California girl but when we moved to Seattle, it was the first time I really felt like I was home. May sound cheesy but it felt like the energy there along with mine really complimented each other.

Living there brought out the best of me. The me I know was hiding inside for years. I’m so horribly shy in real life but I even got the balls to study theater while living there. That and writing have always been my true loves.

My husband was gone for a HUGE part of the time that we lived there but I really flourished while living in Seattle, being mostly on my own. Just a few weeks after moving there, my hubby went on deployment and it was really hard to be in an unknown place by myself so soon but then I discovered one of the most awesome things a few days later.


I had such a love affair with Seattle the whole time I was there. I plan on moving there and making it our permanent home once the hubby gets out of the Navy in 3 or so years and I’m so excited.

I could still see possibly staying in Northern California but moving back to Seattle has been in my mind from the day we had to move from there.

In case you’re curious, I really don’t think it rains as much there as people think. I actually found it comforting and thought Seattle was one of the most active cities that I’ve ever lived in.

seattle2My MIL knows how much I love it there so seeing how tactful she is…*snort*… she can always find something wrong with our plans to move back there for good. And of course it’s my fault that my husband also loves it there as much as I do. She thinks it’s all my fault that he doesn’t want to move back near them in Texas and has told me in so many words.

So, in case I didn’t already make it clear HA, I had such a love affair with Seattle and it’s the only place in the whole world that I want to live. Well there and Ireland, but Ireland is a whole other story.

What’s your dream place to live?

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Calling for guest bloggers.

Okay, something really crazy has happened in my life recently but I can’t officially say what it is until I’m actually there. Let’s just say it involves visiting a movie set and interviewing the cast. Yeah, HOLY SHIT, ya’ll.

Anyway, since I don’t want to be a total idiot, I’ve been doing research so I can be prepared and have been so consumed with this thing that I will tell you about soon enough. Are you dying to know yet? It’s REALLY good.

The reason I don’t want to say anything yet is because I’m worried it might fall through at the last minute.

I would love to have guest bloggers for the next few weeks. I’ll still be posting but would love help from you!

Even if you don’t have a blog, you’re more than welcome to guest post. It can be about anything you want and doesn’t have to just pertain to mommyhood and kids.

I would love to hear your side of things so drop me an email at elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com. And don’t worry, I won’t bite. ;)

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