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No More Soccer EVER!

I feel like that should read No More Wire Hangers EVERRRR because Joan Crawford’s hatred of wire hangers is close to my hatred of my kid playing soccer. Yes, I’ve been bitching and whining about how I can’s stand being a “soccer mom” because of it being such a time suck and my kid hates going to practices. Getting her out the door for practice made me want to crawl into a ball and cry.

I bitched and moaned about it to my husband for the past three years and it turns out whining about something for that long finally registered with my husband. But, for some reason, it can take them twice as long to fix something you’ve been asking them to.

So to recap, bitch and whine, don’t politely ask your partner to fix something and they’ll do it faster.

A few weeks ago, my husband said the sweetest words to me that I’ve ever heard in our nearly twenty two years together (yes, we married very young). He said:

“Next year, I’m not signing the hummingbird up for soccer.”

I told him:

“Hallefuckingluah! I could fuck you right now!”

Little did I know that the soccer coach was to my right side, handing out soccer pictures and heard every word.


*Blue Orchid

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Essential Oil Junkie

A few years ago, I became a major tea freak and went crazy for everything Teavana. This time around it’s essential oils. I’ve used them for years in the skin care products I make, in my favorite non-toxic cleaner, and soap bars. For several months now, I’ve been using them on myself and recently started to diffuse in the house.

After trying several different brands, I found I like doTerra the best. I’m not getting paid way to say that by the way. I was a little worried about getting a proprietary oil since I’m very particular about smell and the first oil I decided on was Serenity. Among the blend is lavender, roman chamomile, and vanilla bean.


I decided to buy the oils straight from doTerra since I read what seemed like too many comments on Amazon saying some of the oils seem fake.

I also go these glass roll on bottles along with fractionated coconut oil to mix in with the oil. It makes for a less messy application. The hummingbird was seeing me put this on my feet every night and now she loves to use it too. When in doubt about where to place essential oils, place it on the bottom of your feet, under your big toe. Feet have the largest pores so it sucks that oil right up.

After so long, I decided to try doTerra Balance and Breathe since I had the flu (using OnGuard is great too) and couldn’t stop coughing, plus asthma. I also finally got a diffuser.

The first diffuser I got works really well but it’s small and only last for 3 hours at the most. I realized that I need to spend more money for one that will last through the night. So, I just got this one that I’m very happy with and it lasts several hours. I’ve already put the smaller diffuser in the hummingbird’s room, which she really likes.

The only issue I had with the new diffuser, which was my own fault, is that I didn’t put the lid on very well so water sloshed all over the place.

I’ve been very pleased with the smells of the oils I’ve gotten so far. I have the nose of a dog and can gag at perfume smells especially if it’s to overpowering but I haven’t had that problem with these oils. It can take a few tries to get used to the smell though.

During the day, I diffuse Balance, which has spruce, blue tansy, and frankincense. It promotes calmness and tranquility.


At night, I alternate with Breathe, which has lemon, peppermint, and cardamom, and Serenity.


Because of my anxiety and insomnia, I feel like some of the oils I’ve been using have helped to lessen the effects of all my nighttime worry, stress, and panic I have once I hit the bed.

There are several more doTerra oils I want to try out but because of the expense, I’m trying not to go crazy. I’m still on an anti-depressant but it’s nice to incorporate something more natural to help with my anxious feelings.

Something else I started using since the winters are so tough here and I have SAD during this season is an energy light lamp. I wish I had gotten one sooner. I finally decided on Lightphoria which is pricey but I wanted to get something that wasn’t going to break within a week.

So, while essential oils and light therapy doesn’t miraculously cure you overnight and I still have my bad days, I’m finding that it has been helping to make things a little less overwhelming.

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Best talk show entrance ever!

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I was going to try to keep this on the down low but I’m so excited as well as very nervous and anxious. It’s difficult to keep this quiet for the next few months since I love to overshare… for better or worse.

If all goes well this time around, the hummingbird is going to be a big sister. Fingers and toes crossed! 

We were planning on waiting to try again early next year but my birth control pill had another fail. Whoops! I was taking it every day at the same time every night. Didn’t miss once… that I know of.

For the people I know in real life who read my blog, I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep this quiet for now. Mwah!

But I wanted to share this news with all of you who have been such wonderful support since the loss I had in July and beyond. I sincerely mean it and thank you all. You’ve all been so kind and absolute sweethearts.

Love ya! xoxo

My collection since I'm still in disbelief. lol

My collection since I’m still in disbelief. lol

*Love Song

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The morning wood attachment knocks this out of the park.

This was tweeted to me by @drakechicken, courtesy of  @Wreaking_Havoc_. It’s one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in awhile.

I especially love the “morning wood” attachment. It would look like Edward Scissorhands had been around after I was done with this pillow.


I would take my Ryan Gosling husband pillow EVERYWHERE. Could you imagine being at a stoplight and seeing this thing in the passenger seat of a car? Or stuffed in a shopping cart at the grocery store? Maybe in a movie theater seat for date night?

Please, someone get to making this dream a reality!!

Pure Awesomeness!


*Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

**Eye candy alert. I still can’t get over how hot Josh Duhamel is in person. I’m mentioning him, seemingly out of the blue, because he acknowledged me on Twitter the other night and it made me all goofy for a bit. Where’s his pillow with morning wood?!

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Out of the loop.

Water Bear

Water Bear

I used to pride myself on being the queen of useless information, even after the little hummingbird was born. Now, I seem to be the last to know about things and kind of miss her floppy, I can’t hold up my head, baby days.

The hummingbird is full of zoom and will be 4 next month… excuse me… “WHY?! Sweet Baby Jeebus, WHY?!”


So, I give you my out of the loop news. It’s shit that I had no idea about until way after it happened. Translation…. could be a few days later or years later.

First up… my new girl crush, Angelica Duria. If only news weather people could be this awesome.

I completely missed this video that went viral of a guy pushing his girlfriend off of a cliff. “I’m breaking up with you!!!” (More of the story is here.)

I came across a water bear on Pinterest. I’ve never heard of it before but now find them to be very odd and cool. These moss eating water bears can live in a dehydrated state for years. Tardigrades: Water Bears!

Have you come across any news (strange, funny, celebrity, science, quirky, etc.) you’d like to share? Email me at elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com.

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Blog Love: 1st Edition

blog-love1I wanted to try something new and a few times a month, do a post and give some blog love to others. I always love finding and reading blogs so if you want yours included or really enjoy reading a particular blog and want it added, drop me an email at elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com.

My Screaming Diary: Check out When You Stop Changing and Zip The Lip. @FahrinK

A Day In The Life: I love Monica and you will too! Check out If A Wild Turkey Tries To Hit Your Yukon, Karma Might Be Trying To Get Ya.

The What Blog: This blog is so great and they debate on different topics. Check out Should Women Be Included In The Military Draft? and Should Kids Be Required To Wear School Uniforms? They also have a Free Debate Friday. @TheWhatBlogftw

Bring Me Death… Or A Sandwich: Check out Hey Roomie!… David and his wife are expecting a second baby any day now. Also check out Sleeping Like A Dad@thedavidcmurphy

The Cubicle Views: Although I don’t work in an office, I have in the past (never lasted long… at all, or I would get fired) and love reading this blog about cube life. Check out It’s Not A Purse, It’s A Satchel…Umm Briefcase? @CubicleViews

Poop On My Hands: This new blog is a must read. My 6 year-old Threw Out The F-Bomb and I Can’t Believe I Want A Minivan, aka “Swagger Wagon”. @PoopOnMyHands

Joy And Woe: I love this post… 15 Things Presently Annoying My Toddler. @joyandwoe

What The Flicka?: Of course I can’t forget WTFlicka. Check out Felicity’s post, Peeing In My Pants And Learning Spanish. And in case you missed it, a post I did that your skin will love, Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars. @WhatTheFlicka

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