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I don’t have much writing in me yet but I’ve been back on Twitter. I’m sure some of you might not give a shit about Twitter and I didn’t either when I started 3 years ago, but I’ve met some incredible people on there.

I’ve found that writing little things on my blog for now, instead of giving it up entirely, has been a good distraction so please bear with me. xx

Here are just a few tweets since I’m about to crash and burn from being so tired.

Happy Weekend!

My handle is @thisismommyhood

January 19: Fuck you, rubber band loom. Fuck you.

During the Oscars… March 2: Hubby: Sally Field? I thought Sally Field was an astronaut. Help! Help!

March 21: I got a haircut a month ago. My husband just noticed tonight. Yep, that’s about right.

March 21: Hummingbirds need pampering too.




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Happy VD!

Not to be mistaken by STD. But if that’s your thing, Happy STD Day, too! I’m looking at you Owen Wilson. Dude, you’ve gotta wrap that sucker up!



*Let It Go

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Thankful for cookies.

Last week, the hummingbird was asked what she was thankful for so they could put it up on the bulletin board at her preschool. She said she was thankful for cookies. That’s my girl!

I hope everyone has a great holiday! xx



*It’s My Life

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Snow bird.

We had our first Maine snow today. I’m sure it wasn’t much considering but we were all excited. Especially, the hummingbird, of course. It’s as cold as a Kardashian’s soul and it’s going to snow more. That would be awesome if my in-laws get snowed out of their visit.

Wishful thinking.




*Nataly Dawn

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Peenterest: A nun in a cucumber field.












*Cry Me A River

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Total Recall: Stone Cold Crazy Edition

Why, hello there! HOW YOU DOIN’?

I’ve had issues with a piece of trash who has way too much time on their hands so I’ve been MIA this week.

Anyway, it’s such a waste to even write about this person… moving along! lol

Last night I was looking at some of my old posts, holy hell, talk about embarrassing, and decided to put some up here since I don’t have anything written right now. It’s just a little mix of my crazy. I hope at least one of them brings a smile to your face. xoxo

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Try To Pick Your Brain

All I Wanted Was A Pedicure

Behold, The Most Awesome Christmas Decoration. More Like An Xmas Decoration

Guns N’ Roses And My Peanut Butter Covered Autograph

The Oldest

Oh Shit!

Best. Picture. Ever.

The Lady Who Yelled On The Movie Set. I Totally Want Her Job

Things I Never Thought I’d Say As A Mom

Toddler PMS

This Is 40!

When Your Kid Won’t Go To Bed And You Just Want To Grab A Bottle Of Tequila And Lock Yourself In The Bathroom To Muffle Their Tantrumy Screams

When You Wish Upon A Star… And It’s Stuck… Up Where?!

It’s Chuy!

My Husband Likes To Steal Other People’s Cats In His Spare Time

Sit On My Face

When Husbands Annoy But You Can’t Strangle Them Because Of Dumb Laws

How Does Somebody Get A Papercut On Their Eyelid? I Can… ‘Cause I’m A Blonde, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

What I Didn’t Expect After Expecting

I’m Just A Kid Who’s Four. Each Day I Whine Some More. I Torture Parents. I’m Caillou

Bill The Squirrel Vs. Caillou

An Ode To Captcha

My In-Laws Are Coming And I’ve already Reserved A Spot For Myself In The Psych Ward Just In Case

Who You Trying To Get Crazy With, Ese? Don’t You Know I’m Loco… Insane In The Maine Brain

I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Do That

Banging My Head Against A Spike Would Be More Fun


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Insane In The Maine Brain: Pics

Now that I’m getting more settled here, I’m starting to see how gorgeous it is. One thing that amazes my husband and I is that the sky is incredible in Maine. Most days, it looks like the clouds have been photoshopped.

I know, it’s just some clouds but I find it to be pretty damn spectacular. And the sunsets are like no other.







*Silversun Pickups

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