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What The Flicka Wrap Up


I’ve really been sucking at writing lately but I’m getting back in the habit again. If I don’t write, then my pregnancy brain gets even worse so I’ll get back to it next week.

In case you missed me on What The Flicka? 

 Cinnamon Face Mask For Acne

Green It Yourself Stain Remover

DIY Powder Dishwasher Detergent

Blueberry Pie Face Mask

Citrus Infused Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Lactose-Free Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Being Almost 40 And Pregnant Isn’t So Bad (%#&$ This @*%^) – Crystal from MommiFried wrote this and I can so relate. She’s also an author to The Mother Of All Meltdowns that is a really great read.


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What The Flicka Wrap Up


In case you missed me on What The Flicka. I started a new Green It Yourself weekly series on the site and I hope you enjoy!

Dry Shampoo for Light and Dark Hair – For those days when your kids won’t let you take a shower.

Grapefruit and Lemon Cleaning Spray – I used to be a bleach freak but this cleaner is pretty damn cool. And it smells much better.

Homemade Honey Vanilla Bubble Bath – Yes! Yes! Yes!

DIY Antiseptic Ointment – Better than store bought.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash – Very easy to make and no chemicals.

Skin Brightening Papaya Face Mask – Give your skin some love!

*I’m Shakin’

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What The Flicka? Wrap Up

In case you missed me on What The Flicka?

The Oldest – I loved torturing my younger sister.

Coconut Cream Sugar Scrub – Smells amazing!

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups – I improved the chocolate consistancy from the original recipe.

Super Moisturizing Lip Balm – Easy to make and I no longer use store bought brands since I can add any flavor I’d like.

Low Carb Peanut Butter Bark With Chocolate And Sea Salt – Low carb and curbs the sweet cravings so you don’t go crazy with carbs. Also, you can’t tell I love chocolate and peanut butter, can you?

Lactose Free Creamsicles – I’m lactose intolerant so these are great!

*Luscious Jackson

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WTFlicka Wrap Up.

zucchini-bread3“Seriously, chicky, more links??”, you say.

I know, I’m sorry!! I’ll get my writing up and going very soon.

My snarkiness and sense of humor are currently rebooting.

In case you missed me on What The Flicka?

Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak – This is an older post but soak for 20 minutes and it’ll be bliss. So relaxing!

Zucchini Bread With Pecans – I added Greek yogurt to the recipe (protein!) so it’s awesome before or after a work out.

DIY Cinnamon Sugar Foot Scrub – Your feet will love you!

Eggplant Parmesan Rollatini – So fucking good!

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Pudding – Do I really need to say more? Nope? Good!

Oat Straw And Goat’s Milk Bath Tea – This bath soak is great for problematic skin. Helps eczema and acne. Helps ease the pain of rheumatism and burns.

Recycled Chunky Tie Dye Crayons – These are so easy to make. Getting the wrappers off the crayons were kind of a pain in the ass though. That’s why it’s more fun to make while drinking wine.

Iced Lemon Ricotta Cookies – Cookie, cookie, cookie, starts with C. These were easier to make than I was expecting.

Buffalo Chicken Soft Tacos – Fuck, yeah! Add a few beers and enjoy!

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WTFlicka Wrap Up

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake

In case you missed me on What The Flicka?

Hey all! The hummingbird’s hospital stay was so fucking exhausting and I just can’t get myself to write about it yet. Postpartum PTSD really kicked my ass during her stay and I’m in a terrible funk. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it soon and be back to my smart ass-y ways.

Check this out (you may have already seen some of these on my blog)…

Guiltless Chicken and Sour Cream Enchiladas: Don’t let the pic fool you. It’s not the photo I took and it isn’t an omelette. ;^)

Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake: So good!

Homemade Ice Cream Without A machine!: Really easy and so good!

Chocolate Espresso Mask: So awesome!

Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars: Soothing and hydrating for your skin.

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WTFlicka Wrap Up

cinnamon roll cookies

This one isn’t from WTFlicka but I found it hilarious. It’s from Cubicle Views and still has me laughing. Really laughing. How I Lost My Cherry at 33k Feet.

In case you missed me on What The Flicka?

Things I Never Thought I’d Say As A Mom: Stop riding the cat!

Cinnamon Roll Cookies: Mmmmm.

Hot Cocoa Bath Soak : Relax and enjoy!

Chocolate Oreo Truffles: So good and really easy to make.

Spiked Nutella Hot Cocoa:  Get your drink on!

Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup: Get out the makings for a grilled cheese sandwich!

5 Ingredient Pasta Sauce: I put this recipe up, ummm, who the hell knows when but here it is again.

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WTFlicka Writing Wrap Up

In case you missed me on What The Flicka?

Fizzy Bath Bombs – These are so cool and easy to make.

Guiltless Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies – Need I say more?

Simple Whipped Body Butter – Your dry skin is asking for this!

Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate) – Also made with masa so it’s yummy and filling.

Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup – So simple and really good!

My Q and A With Safe Haven Author Nicholas Sparks – The movie, with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough, opens on Valentine’s Day!

This song goes out to the week I’ve been having. Cheers to a better next week!


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