How my MIL ruined my wedding and made me want to set myself on fire just so I could get away from her crazy.

My hubby and I have been married for over 16 years now and I’m still annoyed about how our wedding ended up being such a suckfest. I know this will come off as just a whiny, rambling post with no merit but since this happened several years ago, it’s hard to give a play by play.

When it came to my wedding, my hubby and I were going to do things low-key. I really didn’t want any fuss and just wanted to marry my man. It was my dream to wear a simple wedding dress and a must was to have the wedding outdoors with a fresh flower bouquet made up of vibrant colors. Hell, I would have been happy with some fresh picked flowers from someone’s yard. I thought those three things would be very easy to have but my MIL made it so it wasn’t.

My soon to be hubby and I found a place nearby that does weddings outside in a garden and the place provided most of the things we needed. The best part was it was only a few hundred dollars so we were going to pay for it ourselves and we were only planning on inviting immediate family because we were both 20 years old and broke.

When we called my soon to be in-laws, excited to tell them our wedding plans, my mother-in-law freaked the hell out. She said No son of mine is getting married in some garden. You will be married in a church and that’s final! I felt like I was in some Lifetime movie of the week. I will never, ever forget her exact words over the phone that night.

I didn’t want to step on her toes so we let her have her way. Looking back, I would have stood up to her but at the time, I was too afraid. She didn’t give us much choice to have the wedding we wanted because of her flip outs.

After that, my dream wedding that I had planned to be simple and uncomplicated went downhill and became miserable and complicated when my MIL took control. I know they have a show for Bridezillas but they also need one for mother-in-lawzillas.

I will never get her but what really confused me is that while she wanted this nice and fancy wedding, she wanted to do things in a cheap way. My parents didn’t have much money and my future in-laws said they would take care of most of the wedding.

They live a pretty comfortable lifestyle and what annoyed me even more about my MIL wanting this wedding I didn’t want and then have her hemming and hawing over the price of things is this reason….my hubby’s older sister got married a few years earlier but they couldn’t decide on the location. My in-laws wanted it where they live and my BIL’s parents wanted it 4 hours away where they live. So, my in-laws ended up happily paying for two weddings.

From the very beginning my mother-in-law would go on and on about how my SIL got her dress from one particular place and the flowers for her wedding from another. I kind of felt like Jan Brady when she says Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! I’m a totally different person and it was annoying that my MIL couldn’t see that.

My future hubby and I drove down to the in-laws one weekend and we already knew that we would be getting most of the wedding preparations taken care of. I admit I had a chip on my shoulder because I wanted a simple wedding and since my MIL was absolutely insistent on this big church wedding, I thought fine, then I’m going to at least have some nice things I wanted.

First on the agenda was getting the wedding dress and while my future hubby stayed back at his parents house with his dad, me and my mother-in-law set out for some shops. Of course all of the places we went were where my SIL had gone a few years earlier.

The first place we went, I found THE dress. It was totally unexpected because I had a different style of dress in mind but as soon as I put it on, I knew it was the one. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find it on the first try. I guess I wouldn’t make a great bride-to-be on Say Yes To The Dress.

When I walked out of the dressing room glowing and as happy as can be, the woman helping me took me to the middle of the room to stand and see myself in the 360 degree mirror. Angels sang, unicorns wept, and all that good stuff. Then my mother-in-law asked how much it was and when she found out the price, she said we needed to keep looking. I knew how much my sister-in-law’s TWO dresses were and the price of the one I wanted was nothing compared to just one of her wedding dresses.

Now this is where I come off as a really spoiled brat. I didn’t want any of this wedding crap in the first place and just planned on wearing a no frills dress for my wedding but figured since my mother-in-law was running the show, if anything I was going to get the dress I really wanted.

I tried to hide how upset I was from her as we went to another place to look at dresses and while I was trying on insane amounts of ivory silk with beading, I became upset and was crying since I knew that none of the other dresses would compare to the very first one. My MIL kept bringing in similar dresses that my sister-in-law liked and had tried on a few years prior and I just got angrier.

I had to finally step out of the dressing room since she wanted to have a look and there I was red-faced and teary eyed. The woman helping us thought I was crying about how great the dress I had on was. She didn’t know it was because my MIL was trying to have complete control over every detail, down to what dress I got.

When I mentioned to the woman that I found THE dress earlier that day, she said something like well, there’s no need to try anything else then. Once you find *the* dress, that’s it. My MIL wouldn’t budge and took me to one other dress place but I was finally so fed up and acting like a baby so I told her I didn’t care for any of the dresses.

That’s when she said we needed to go back home and “regroup” so we can discuss the wedding some more. My in-laws finally told us what they were willing to spend on the wedding (it was more her than my father-in-law) and I felt completely effed over.

I told her again how I really would love to just go get married at the place we planned on in the beginning and all hell broke loose. She went on and on about how it would be such an embarrassment to the family if my husband didn’t have a church wedding.

I didn’t understand how in the world she would insist on my hubby and I having a wedding we didn’t want and then making it so difficult to have the things that were needed like the dress and flowers for that type of wedding.

After a lot of discussion, it was decided that I would get *the* dress I wanted after all. I was so freaking happy but it didn’t last long because I found out soon enough that my MIL would make my life hell. It’s like she took her anger out on me because I got the wedding dress I wanted.

It’s hard to explain but it’s like she intentionally set me up to get excited about things for the wedding and then would tell me that we couldn’t get something after all. She was mindeffing me the whole time. My MIL knew how important it was that I at least have a fresh flower bouquet and she took me to this really nice florist my sister-ln-law used for her weddings.

With all the stress of dealing with the wedding and my MIL, going to this florist was just what I needed. We were there for a while and the florist showed me this simple but absolutely gorgeous tropical type of bouquet. My mother-in-law was oohing and aahing along with me and I was close to jumping up and down with excitement.

I told my MIL that I would just be fine with getting the wedding bouquet and the rest could be fake flowers. It wasn’t my preference but I was trying to play nice. She seemed fine with that and the florist got out the order slip. That’s when my MIL mindeffed me and said you know what, we’re not going to get the bouquet after all and then she walked out.

I stood there stunned for a minute and then walked out to her car. She told me because of my wedding dress, I have to just live with fake flowers for my wedding. I was thinking to myself why in the hell did she take me to look at fresh flowers and be thisclose to getting my bouquet when she seemed to have already decided on not getting them. Because she’s effing crazy, that’s why.

I also knew it wasn’t because of the wedding dress I picked. I could’ve picked a $20 dollar dress and she would have still been the way she was. She ended up taking me somewhere to not only get fake flowers, they were some of the tackiest flowers you could possibly get.

After that I said f*ck it and went along with whatever she picked while thinking how her mother-in-law was probably the same way with her. Yes, I bitch about her but I still try to get along with her as best as I can.

My MIL was 3 months pregnant with my sister-in-law and had no other choice but to marry my father-in-law back in the day. From what I know from my hubby, the wedding was really rushed and there was unhappiness with it all around.

It seems like the moment my hubby put the engagement ring on my finger, my mother-in-law has wanted to make me as miserable as she’s been.

I do plan on having my hubby and I renew our vows so we can have the simple, outdoor wedding we wanted in the first place but it might be awhile. When it comes to having a 2 1/2 year old, right now I would prefer to take the money and go away for the weekend to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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First rule of family…you don’t mess with someone’s mom. Second rule…if someone does, you write a ranty post about it.

The past couple of months have been pretty crazy. My sister and her husband separated. One day they’re handling the separation as well as they can. The next day, it’s really messy and he takes all of the money out of their joint account, leaving her with nothing. It’s been pretty stressful to see my baby sister in this situation with her two kids, ages 5 and 3.

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.

My mom has been working in a career that she just can’t stand for the past 20 years or so. In the Spring she moved closer to my sister before all hell broke loose. My mom was trying to get out of the work she’s been doing but it’s difficult because that’s where she has the most job experience.

Not long after she started the job she hates, she decided she was done. That’s when she told me she’s going to school part-time to become a massage therapist. I was sooooo proud of my mama. It seems like all her life she would do things to make others happy but this was one of the first times she was doing something to make her happy.

She was a single mom when I was younger and she worked her ass off to make sure I had what I needed. Finally having enough of her job and going to school to do something she really wanted was really exciting.

She started school in July and the instructor was also the owner of the school. My mom would rave about this guy and tell me how nice he was. Then he started getting flaky and wouldn’t show up to teach class. That led to this guy sending other instructors to teach classes.

Recently, after a long day at work, my mom went to school and was waiting in the parking lot for someone to open the doors of the school. That’s when she saw a guy come up to the building and he started changing the locks on the door. He ended up being the actual owner of the building and was hesitant at first but told her he had bad news.

The instructor/owner of the school hadn’t paid the rent on the building for months and nobody has heard from him. This guy took off with everyone’s tuition. 4,000 dollars for each student. All of my mom’s savings and some of that money was from a loan my mom took out so she could go to this school.

After all she’s been through and how hard she’s worked all of her life, this asshole rips her off and others.

Right now things are up in the air but it looks like the students will file a class action lawsuit against this guy, Michael. I can’t believe anyone would do this but it really ticks me off that after all of these years, my mom went out and did something she really wants to do and then ends up getting royally screwed.

My mom deserves the very best in life and I really hope she gets it. Love you mom!

So, Michael who took all of my mom’s money and skipped town, I’m awarding you douchebag of the year.

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My half-ass attempt at cooking: easy oatmeal bites for a picky eater, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate pecan pie tarts.

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