Tired of pesky hair loss? Well have I got the solution for you. Oh wait…wrong post. Do you love to write and would like to join our group site? Then I have the solution for you.


Over at our group website, A Nervous Tic Motion, we have a great writing team. One thing we are looking for are contributing writers to complete the site. We love diversity so if you want to write about being a single mom, your journey through depression, creative writing, celebrity gossip, book or televison reviews, humor, or anything your heart desires, we welcome that.

You don’t have to have young children either or for that matter kids yet or you can have children that are grown with their own families. We would also love to have a man’s perspective on parenthood.

If you don’t have a blog then you’re still welcome to write for the website. You also don’t have to live in the United States. I would love to have writers from any country. Every writer has the freedom to write about the topics they want to without being censored.

If you’re interested then please email me at elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com.


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A dingo ate my baby?!

Okay, so a dingo didn’t eat my baby but I haven’t gotten much sleep for a while and couldn’t think of anything else for a title.

It took my hubby and I almost 14 years to have the little hummingbird. Long story long is that while I was ready for a baby soon after we were married, he kept on dragging his feet and making excuses.

For the first couple of years I could deal with it and with him being in the military and all the moving we did, I understood. But once we were stationed in Virginia Beach for nearly 3 years, even though he was gone a lot, he would tell me he’s just not ready. It was difficult because the other officer wives had children already and here I was childless and so we didn’t have much to talk about.

After about 5 or 6 years there was a lot of tension between us over the matter. I know marriage is a roller coaster and that was a down period for us. My hubby wouldn’t even talk about having kids which was beyond effing frustrating.

I was on birth control but when 8 or so years of marriage went by without any baby plans in the near future, I had some people saying to just stop taking it because this waiting game for a baby was getting ridiculous.

I honestly don’t know if either of us have fertility issues or how long it could take for the little hummingbird to get a sibling in a few years since we never tried to have a baby. Sure there were times when we would move somewhere and there would be a lapse in me taking the pill because I would have to wait to see a new doctor and get a prescription but I never got pregnant during those times.

The miscarriage I had in August concerns me into thinking there could be an issue but I know there are so many reasons why that happens. The pregnancy was also a surprise like the hummingibrd.

Being childless continued after 10, 11, 12 years of marriage and now that I look back, I think there was a much deeper issue for my husband’s excuses and having such a long delay for us having a baby. Maybe this is because I’m just now getting to the heart of my depression with seeing my therapist but I think a lot of it had to do with the way he was raised and the things he went through. While I know plenty, I also think there are things he has left out or has supressed.

To sum it up, I think he was terrified of having children because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to our kid/s that happened to him. There’s so much about his parents, especially my MIL, that I don’t say….believe it or not.

Fast forward to June of 2008. We were living in Arlington, VA and I went in for my yearly exam. The doctor ended up writing a prescription for the wrong birth control which I didn’t notice until I was in the parking lot. I thought I would simply run back into the clinic to get it changed but when I went back, the doctor was already with another patient.

I left my info and told the receptionist what the problem was and thought it would be straightened out soon. Wrong. I never heard from the doctor. I even went to the clinic to speak with someone to no avail. The whole time I was thinking I just want my damn birth control, not meth, and this was crazy to go through all of this.

Then I was told I needed to come in for another exam so the doctor could stick her hand up my hoo-ha and do another pap smear even though I had already gotten the results from the one a few weeks prior and it was clear. I would explain that I’ve done this less that a month ago and just needed the correct prescription.

She had written a prescription for a birth control pill that wasn’t anything like what I’ve been taking so I was worried about how it would affect me since I’ve learned over the years that I need to be on a low dose of birth control or else I become like a pissed off Christian Bale on the set of Terminator 3 except my meltdown doesn’t become viral or get a cool song remix.

After calling several times, going to the clinic, leaving messages, and all of that good stuff, I thought eff it. I know obviously by not being on birth control my chances of getting pregnant became sky-high but my hubby knew the dilemma I was in so we used other forms of birth control.

Wait a sec, this just in….it didn’t work…obviously.

The subtle signs were there but I really didn’t think anything of it. The biggest giveaway should have been when I went downstairs from our 18th floor apartment to the little convenience store on the first floor and instead of getting something with chocolate, I had this intense craving for something lemony which has never happened seeing as how I’m a chocoholic.

The physical symptoms I was having were very close to when I get my period so again, I didn’t think anything of it. Soon after I had to drive my hubby to the Naval Hospital in Bethesda because he had broken his foot and was finally getting surgery on it. There I was driving on the freeway and I had the worst nausea. I blamed it on nerves because of my husband’s surgery.

Normally I have the nose of a dog but my sense of smell went up tremendously. Also, just a week before my husband’s foot surgery, we went to a music festival in Maryland and while it was awesome, I was beyond exhausted which was another sign…..ding, ding, ding.

One other sign that I seemed to ignore was I had this intense need to pick out a girl’s baby name. I had names already picked out for my firstborn….Emma Rose for a girl and Caden Gage for a boy but I had picked out these names years ago. The girl name I loved had become so popular and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use that name after all.

So, I poured through baby name websites when without knowing it I was about 3 weeks pregnant. Nothing really jumped out at me but then I found a baby name book I had gotten years ago. While I was flipping through the pages, whoop there it was. I knew there would be very few girls named “the little hummingbird” I kid, I kid and was certain that would be the name I would use someday. I had no idea that “someday” would be 8 months later.

A few weeks later in September I remember sitting in the living room listening to Kings of Leon “Sex On Fire” over and over and all of these things finally came together for me. I knew I had a pregnancy test somewhere so I ripped through my bathroom cabinets and finally found it.

I peed on the stick and it was positive within seconds. I was in total shock even though it shouldn’t have been that surprising. So, I convinced myself the pregnancy test was “broken”, ha, and ran across the street to CVS where I got a 2 pack of one brand and a 2 pack  of a different one. I rushed back home and all were positive.

Then I went to the grocery store down the street because holy hell in a hot pocket, all of these tests had to have been broken because of some kind of conspiracy, right?

I peed some more and those were positive too.

When my husband came home from work that day, I was going to act cool about it and wait to tell him but that lasted all of 2 seconds. He was really shocked to say the least. Even after I went to take a blood test the next day, he still wasn’t convinced.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks later when I went in for my first ultrasound and we saw the hummingbird that it really hit us both.

There was another photo we got on that first visit and I swear it looks like she’s tap dancing. When I think about it now and how she can’t sit still for even a minute, she probably was tap dancing in my uterus.

After the first doctor’s visit, my hubby really seemed to come around and once she was born, it was love at first cry…for all of us. Then just a day after she was born, she was rushed to the NICU and our lives were changed even more.

The feelings I have when I think about her 21 days in the NICU are still so fresh in my mind, even after 2 1/2 years. We were in the dark most of the time when it came to her issue with hypoglycemia (that was resolved when she was 6 weeks old) which was really frustrating. I was pretty much like my daughter would be…fine one minute, crying the next, then fine again.

Over two years later, I’m amazed and so thankful and exhausted at how she’s such a free-spirited, sweet, animated and theatrical, and oh my gawd she never stops moving, ever entergetic little girl who is poking me in the back and saying in a whisper, mahmeee, mahmeee, mahmee as I write this.


It’s World Prematurity Day and while the hummingbird was born at 37 weeks, I know there are many of you who are celebrating your miracle babies. I was born about 6 weeks premature and weighed 4 pounds 4 ounces. I also had a congentital heart defect and my prognosis was grim….6 months tops to live.

Tricia who has her personal blog Stream Of The Conscious and writes for our awesome group website A Nervous Tic Motion wrote an absolutely beautiful post about her twin boys being born at 27 weeks. She also made a video of the time that they spent in the NICU so I would suggest having a box of tisues handy.

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Peeny helps around the house and then goes limp from exhaustion.

*Ding dong*….I wonder who that could be?

It’s Peeny, the most awesome Christmas decoration. Hey Peeny, how’s it hanging?

Of course a few of my neighbors had to walk by while I was outside taking this picture including some guy walking his dog and I swear he was laughing. The guy, not the dog but I could see how a dog would laugh at it too.

First Peeny got acquainted with our kitten, Penny.

Peeny knows that I’ve been so tired when it comes to running after the little hummingbird so he gave me a foot massage.

Then Peeny went to do some work around the house like vacuuming.

He forgot to plug in the vacuum but it’s the thought that counts.

Next up he made my hubby and I tacos and Spanish rice for dinner. I couldn’t resist giving him a bite from my hubby’s plate.

My husband didn’t mind and even shared his beer with Peeny.

Peeny actually did the dishes.

There was a little trouble when he saw a squash in the kitchen and he got Peeny envy.

I assured him that he was still the most awesome Christmas decoration ever and that made him feel better.

After that he ended up in bed with me get your mind out of the gutter.

We grabbed a box of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered peppermint Jo Jo’s and watched a Ryan Gosling movie.

By the time the movie was over it was pretty late so Peeny stayed over. Don’t worry, he slept on the couch.

Hmmmm….I wonder what Peeny will do next?

One thing’s certain, everyone needs a Peeny in their lives.

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Guest post: Finding holiday ideas in all the wrong places.

This guest post comes from Holly who writes for Eat Breathe Blog. Here is an adorable photo of Holly and her husband…..

Q and A with Holly.

Elle: If the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, which weapon would you want to have to fight these brain eaters?

A. a flame thrower.

B. an unlimited supply of ninja throwing stars.

C. a chainsaw.

D. a shoelace because you’re bad ass.

E. other and what would it be?

F. none of the above, I want to be a damn zombie!

Holly: I’m going  with B… you had me at unlimited.

Elle: If you could be stuck in an elevator with anyone who would it be?

Holly: Jake Gylenhall, because frankly he’s dreamy.

Elle: Favorite guilty pleasure?

Holly: Real Housewives of wherever… it’s like a train wreck, I can’t look away.

Elle: If you could send any celebrity/reality star into space so you’d never have to hear about them again, who would it be?

Holly: Kim Kardashian, I don’t want my kids to think her life is normal!

Elle: What’s one of your favorite books?

Holly: East of Eden, I’m a sucker for Steinbeck!

Elle: What song(s) makes you want to dance around your house and/or brings you back to your teen years?

Holly: “I’m Just a Girl” No Doubt…

Elle: A favorite non-mommy activity?

Holly: Does wine count?


Finding holiday ideas in all the wrong places.

by – Holly

Despite being married to him for eight years, I never seem to know what to get my husband for his birthday or Christmas. Some gifts have ended up strewn about the house – at least one of them still in its original package! – making it clear that I need to take a course in gift giving… or sit my dear husband down with a catalog and a highlighter.

Over the years, my husband and I have watched our lives change from a dating couple with separate residences to being parents maintaining a household brimming with children, pets, and, unfortunately, clutter. In the process of growing our family, we’ve accumulated a great deal of stuff, not all of it useful to our daily lives.

Some of it has made its way to the garage, which makes it easier to breathe inside but also keeps one of our cars in the driveway at all times. There’s simply no room for an array of power tools, holiday decorations, and a minivan… though I would rather not discuss the ‘minivan’ at all.

My husband and I enjoy watching home improvement shows, especially those that give viewers an idea about how to manage clutter and de-stress. I’ll say it, I’m addicted to Hoarders and we all know the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

We just needed to implement some of those steps instead of opening our garage door, sighing, and vowing to try again another day when there was more time, our schedule was freer, or we had the money to rent a dumpster. Yes, some days I feel like it is THAT bad.

After more time than I’m willing to admit, I had the idea to combine gift giving with getting organized, much to my husband’s chagrin. Perhaps, I reasoned, a gift like sturdy – and empty – tool boxes might provide my husband with the incentive to pull all his tools together instead of having them litter every surface in the garage.

One word: Success!

Maybe the clutter had been bugging my husband more than he let on, or perhaps I finally found something that wouldn’t just become another dusty surface in his man cave.

Whatever the reason, the tool boxes were a big hit. We’ve purchased a few more – he has a lot of tools – as well as other organizational tubs that have helped us reduce the mess in the garage to something that can be maintained on the weekend.

My darling spouse even leveraged our newfound trash-or-treasure hobby into the purchase of a shelving system that finally got all the cans of paint and seemingly useless bottles of motor oil off the garage floor. He’s elated and I deserve a present for decoding the gift-giving mystery. In fact, I’m pretty sure my next birthday gift will be the ability to park indoors for once.


Holly Watson is a SAHM who enjoys writing and blogging for Sears and other reputable brands she enjoys. She loves baking, is an avid yogi, and enjoys jogging in her free time.

~ If you would like to write a guest post, whether you have a blog or not, then drop me an email at elle dot mommyhood at gmail dot com.

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My little girl has some bad ass skills.

A jumping hummingbird in flight.

*Photo taken by my hubs earlier today.

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Total Recall Weekend: Dear disposable razor people…you suck!

This used to be called Total Recall Sunday but I decided to change it up so it’s all weekend. It’s basically a way to “recycle” a post that you wrote (which comes in handy if you are having writer’s block….*raises hand*), whether it was a year ago or last week and to link it up.


Dear disposable razor people…you suck!

November 29, 2010

One of the more recent incidents I’ve had with you was after I gave birth. I hadn’t shaved in weeks and thought I would do it the day of my ob/gyn appointment but was running late as usual.

It’s a pain in the ass to shave when you have a basketball sized stomach and can’t even reach your legs. At my appointment the Dr. told me I was having my little girl that day and so during labor, everyone who came by to stick their hands up my vagina also got to see my legs that rivaled Sasquatch.

My husband was able to hunt down a disposable razor a day later since I was tired of having my leg hair blowing in the breeze. You seemed innocent enough although I have no idea why. Two razor blades stuck in a plastic stick seems far from innocent especially when taken to your legs.

I thought I finally learned my lesson on using you when not only did I have to deal with the blood coming out of my pikachu that required pads the size of diapers and sexy mesh panties, I also had blood dripping from the cuts on my legs. I have really sensitive skin so it doesn’t help matters.

But alas, I still didn’t learn. It’s like when I know not to cut my bangs after all of these years. I still do it thinking I won’t screw them up this time and then proceed to butcher them.

So for the Thanksgiving holiday I decided to be a dumbass and pick up a disposable razor. For some reason I think spending a couple of dollars on a razor that I can throw away and don’t even have to bother unpacking is more convenient than taking my 12 dollar razor that will leave me with most of the skin on my legs. Like I said, I’m a dumbass.

To my credit or to my dumbassy-ness, I had recently seen a disposable razor commercial and they didn’t seem so bad since the women in the commercial were smiling, not screaming and cussing in the shower while the skin on their legs were being ripped off. They also left out the bloodbath that ensues. Damn advertising.

Or should I say bloodshower? *snort* Yes, I think that’s funny because if you haven’t heard me bitch and whine about it, I’m really sick and chugging nighttime cold medicine. I also have an awesome, raspy voice from my brutal sore throat and because I’m coughing so much. Being sick also makes me more spacey than usual and has me going off of a subject entirely. Where was I?

So while traveling for the holiday I made the mistake of taking along a disposable razor. I made sure to use extra shaving cream thinking that would cut heh down on my leg carnage. Did I mention that I’m a blonde?

The extra shaving cream that made the shower look like a winter wonderland didn’t do shit so my legs were ripped to shreds. I said fuck a lot more than usual throughout the day from the pain of cuts and razor burn because that is supposed to be healing and make up for the lack of skin on my legs and armpits. It’s a scientific fact.

I told my husband to never, ever let me use you again, like that’s going to stop me. By the way, my bangs are looking a little long.



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I think every music video director in the 80’s was dropping acid.

Starting Friday through Saturday my site might be down because I’ll be getting plugged. Okay, I won’t be getting plugged but my website will be. It’s getting some things added on so when I start back up with Total Recall Sunday then I’ll be able to use a linky thingamajig and actually have the links on the front page.

I’m not a tech head at all and can’t even remember my password at times to get into my blog so obviously someone else will be adding several computer thingy’s for me.

While I’m anxiously waiting to be plugged and linky’d ooh la la, here are just a few (out of thousands) of my fav 80’s music videos and like the title says, the video directors we’re allegedly on acid because holy hell, the videos concepts were pretty out there. The clothes, make-up, and hair were also pretty insane….but the songs kick ass. They should have added some of those Cosby Show sweaters and the insanity would be complete.



When I was really young, I would get the step stool out of the kitchen and put it in the living room, turn on Queen, get on the step stool, and sing their music at the top of my lungs. Wait, I still do that.


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