Rockit Saturday: Lisa Hannigan

I used to do a weekly Music Monday when I first started my blog but eventually stopped. I think it’s time to bring the music back, especially if it isn’t some little red monster named Elmo singing.

This week it’s Ireland’s very own Lisa Hannigan. I love me some Damien Rice and she used to sing with him but then she went out on her own.

Rockit, Lisa!

Woman Like A Man – Damien Rice with Lisa Hannigan


Be My Husband – Lisa with Damien Rice (Nina Simone cover)


Lisa Hannigan – I Don’t Know


Lisa Hannigan – Pistachio


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The three wolf moon shirt has magical powers.

When it comes to the holiday, I avoid the mall because at this time of year people are batshit crazy. Actually, I think most people are batshit crazy whether or not it’s the holidays so I love to do my shopping online. I just recently got an adorable bear pom pom hat for the little hummingbird. I couldn’t resist and gave her the hat before Christmas because it is just too adorable!

You should go here and get of these hats for your little one. Once you put it on your cutie I can guarantee you’ll be jumping up and down and will keep saying awwwww, how cute while your husband gives you the side eye.


Awhile back last year while I was shopping online, I somehow drifted and found myself on the page for the three wolf moon t-shirt. I started reading the comments and in no time, an hour or two quickly went by. I don’t think I laughed so hard in the longest time at the comments people were leaving.

“I bought this shirt for my brother-in-law last year for Christmas. While it is obviously something I should have kept for myself, I remembered that it is better to give than to receive. He opened it on Christmas eve and like any man of class would do, wore it to the family Christmas the next day.

Minutes after this shirt arrived at Grandpa’s house, two grown men in their 40’s were fighting in the front yard. It can’t be confirmed nor denied that this shirt is solely responsible for the punches thrown and wrestling in the snow, however, there is a strong belief that this shirt has testosterone sewn in under the beautiful picture of wolves howling. Some men cannot handle the power of this shirt, so please wear with caution.”

Feel the power radiating from your computer screen as you gaze at this shirt.

I also found this nifty coffin so if you’re still trying to figure out what to give that hard to shop for person in your life, nothing says I love you more than a coffin bought online from Amazon.

Uh, sweetie? Are you trying to tell me something?

Happy online shopping!

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The possessed toddler sock monster.

Socks. They seem innocent enough. Well, yesterday the little hummingbird kept on freaking out about her socks. My daughter didn’t want them on but then she didn’t want them off. Yowza!

She decided she didn’t want her white socks and put her pink socks over the other ones but she was having trouble getting her left sock on and got really frustrated.

She’s normally such a sweet and level-headed kid but she has her moments of toddler pms.

She screamed bloody murder and threw herself on the floor so I did what I normally do and just walked away. I watch Supernanny so I’ve got some skills.

Then my daughter really had to get her point across by doing this possessed funky chicken dance. I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or cry.

It all went downhill from there and she kept on testing boundaries.

At 2 1/2 years old, I know she’s at that age where she wants more independence and I try to give her that within reason but we’re so much alike so we clash at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl like crazy but yesterday was one of those days when I was struggling to be “mommy”.

Fortunately I had my therapist appointment that afternoon so part of my session was me talking about how I feel like a bad mom when the hummingbird has a tantrum and I think what in the holy hell did I get myself into.

But just like everything that comes with motherhood, things can change in an instant.

My husband picked me up from my appointment and when my daughter saw me walking into the waiting room, she yelled out Mommy and my heart melted.

Kids….luckily they’re so damn cute or I don’t think we would survive.

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The little hummingbird will go all ninja on your ass if you mess with our Christmas lights.

My hubby put up our Christmas lights last week and the hummingbird calls them Sabby (Santa) lights. He also put up our tree with just the lights for now since our cats, Maisy and Penny, are hell bent on messing with our tree.

We have this thing called a scat mat around the tree but the little buttheads have already figured out how to move it.

Every morning when the hummingbird and I go downstairs and into the living room, she gets so excited to see the Sabby lit tree. She even dresses for the occasion in her Santa clothes.


She’s protective of the lights on our house and would probably ram a stick where the sun doesn’t shine if you messed with them.


Once she sees that you’re not a threat, she goes back to being her cute little hummingbird self.


Say Cheese!


While looking through the photos, I found this one and I can’t believe this was 2 years ago. *sniff*


I’m putting up this pic for the hell of it. My little girl never. stops. moving. Holy hell in a hot pocket! This is what she’s like all of the time. I think she comes into my room when I’m sleeping and sucks all of my energy out of me. She sure is a hummingbird on crack.


Just like her mom, the hummingbird LOVES music. Her favorite Christmas songs at the moment are Jingle Bells by Pomplamoose (which we have to hear several times every morning so she can dance around).

She also loves Jack Conte’s (who’s part of Pomplamoose) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

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Apparently my husband doesn’t want to have sex for a very long time.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was so tired but I was having a panic attack so to take my mind off of the panic, I started messing around with my blog. My hubby was also having really nasty, make your eyes water farts all night so that didn’t help.

Since I’ve been feeling down, I thought I would mess around with the header of my blog. I really like simple but decided to try something different so the font I used wouldn’t have been something I normally would’ve picked.

It inspired a Japanese theme and after a lot of time looking, the colorful bubbles or whatever they are reminded me of those Japanese paper lights as well as fireworks.

Pretty soon I started to calm down and was so focused on what I was doing that I was finally starting to relax. The bright colors gave me a lift with the way I was feeling. This time of year is hard for me and it was so nice that something really simple boosted my mood.

I couldn’t wait to show my husband what I did with the header but then he had to be a buttmunch. I asked him if he saw the changes I made and he basically said yeah. what was wrong with what you had before? I told him that it was nice that something so simple made me feel better.

Then I started getting worried that I made a big mistake with the header and started having another panic attack. My hubby’s silence didn’t help matters so I was pretty much talking to a brick wall aka my hubby but then I thought eff it.

I usually don’t listen to him anyway so why should I start now. heh. So, I’m pretty sure he won’t be getting any header for some time. Bwahahahaha.

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Want your own reality show? Some lovely choices are marrying someone who’s a lot older than you or getting peed on. Hmmm…..that’s a tough choice. And possibly wet.

I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block so I decided to answer one of my questions that I give my guest bloggers….”If you could send any celebrity/reality star into space so you’d never have to hear about them again, who would it be?”

Okay, first things first. My husband and I were HUGE fans of the show Lost. I really loved when they would flashback to the childhood of Ben. I also really liked the actor who took pity on young Ben….Doug Hutchison. Then that guy, 51, married Courtney Stodden who at the time was supposedly 16. What the effity eff?! And I’ve heard they’re getting their own reality show.

Thank you Doug for ruining that part of Lost for me. And what the hell Courtney?! Stop doing that thing with your lips.

Where in the hell were this girl’s parents? Probably pimping out their other kids on Toddlers and Tiaras. Yes, I’ve seen that show but I can only last a few minutes. The trainwreck of all trainwrecks, The Real Housewives, is more up my alley.

But seriously, girls like Courtney scare the hell out of me when it comes to having a 2 year old daughter. I, like every other parent out there thinks that my kid is wicked smart and will see right through the superficial crap but at the same time I worry that the little hummingbird will think being like this will be the norm.

I need to get on my soapbox and say what in the hell happened to people with *real* talent?! I know they’re out there but damn, I miss the true actors like Ben Kingsley who’s a freaking acting ninja or musicians that can just go on stage with a microphone and a guitar, a la’ Glen Hansard, and sing the shit out of a song without 20 wardrobe changes and that horrible autotune.

The songs I’ve been hearing lately sound like they’re being sung through a fan. I know when I was younger, talking through a fan was really cool to me. What can I say? I’m easily entertained. And every time I would do it, I would have to say in my best Darth Vader voice Luke, I am your father.

Then there are the Kardashians….oh *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*! I admit I watched the first season of their “reality show” but after that I couldn’t take it. The mom is a pimp extraordinaire.

I used to love E!  but it seems like it’s become the Karbarfian channel. What’s really crazy is that Kim seemed to become famous simply by making a sex tape with water sports (read: being peed on). Oy!

So pack your bags girls and get ready for lift off. Or as the Karbarfians would say, kget kready kfor klift koff.

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And the winner is…

The winner for the awesome Peeny Christmas ornament is Jennifer!

Only 2 people entered to win the Peeny ornament. Who wouldn’t want a penis Christmas ornament on their tree? Apparently most people. I think it makes a great conversation piece plus it’s funny as hell and I hope it gives Jennifer a smile. Congratulations!


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