Wordful Wednesday: The Little Hummingbird’s View

Hi everybody, it’s the little hummingbird here! My mama is sitting next to me watching the Sister Wives reunion show on the DVR. Talk about a bunch of cry babies. My mama thinks I’m sitting here watching videos of Elmo on her laptop.

I know a lot of people had their Halloween pictures up by the next day but I have small hands so it makes it difficult to type. Plus I don’t even know what it means to upload photos. If I can’t chew it or grab it then it’s not worth my time. I’m only 18 months old so cut me a little slack.

My mama and daddy thought it would be so cute to dress me up as lil’ red riding hood for Halloween. They were like paparrazi coming after me. I tried to escape every chance I got when it came to them taking pictures. My parents thought it would be soooo easy to get a few quick photos of me. Well think again….hehehe.

Seriously, I can’t work in these conditions. Didn’t you people read my contract? I asked for a swirly straw for my water. Not a bendy one. hmph!

See ya later, alligator!

Daddy’s iPad is so much better than that basket they wanted me to carry.

Papa Paparazzi……

Let me outta here! These tights are starting to itch.

Ha! They fell for the whine until I get my way trick. I also magically got my shoes back on.

So not fair! They tricked me back into the living room. Well I’ll just try to get out this way. How come this isn’t working? What do you mean I have to open the door first?!

Oh, toys! I’ll just play for a little bit, then make a break for it.

I am so done. You people are crazy. Aren’t there child labor laws?

This is the life! Chillin’ out to the Abc’s sung by India.Arie and Elmo. Now, where’s my swirly straw?!

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The other day I was wondering what you were doing but then I remembered you were gone. I can’t believe it’s been seven years since you left us so early. Even though we didn’t always get along, I loved you like a sister.

It’s not surprising, we had known each other since preschool. Our moms were great friends. We would spend Christmas Eve at your house and get a personal appearance from Santa Claus.

I even remember being at your house when they debuted Michael Jackson’s video, Thriller. Your mom was peeking through her fingers the entire time. As you got older, you grew your hair long. It was the most beautiful brown hair I have seen.

You were at my wedding but I was so overwhelmed with people that I never got a chance to say hello. I’ve seen my wedding video and watched as you stood aside while I greeted people. There is so much guilt I feel because of that.

You moved out of the small town where we lived. I had moved away several years before. You got married but by then we had lost touch. I would always ask my mom how you were.

I’ll never know what led you to take your own life on that day in November. Your mom has never recovered. Nobody will be the same. The shock of it was with me for months and then disbelief set it. It has been with me since.

I was never angry at you but I wish you would have talked to someone, anyone. I still can’t accept that you are no longer here, even after seven years. So I will continue to catch myself wondering what you’re doing.

*National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8288


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Don’t Fret, It’s Music Sunday! Michael Jackson

So I actually had something to write about MJ. Then I went on twitter Saturday night and there was a trending topic. I don’t normally pay attention to those. The only one I ever did before was #beatcancer since money was donated whenever you used that hashtag.

Well last night it was #moviesinmypants. I got a good laugh from it and then I started doing it myself and couldn’t stop. I did: It’s A Wonderful Life in my pants. It’s Alive in my pants. A Perfect Getaway in my pants. Where The Wild Things Are in my pants. You get the picture. It reminded me of adding #inbed when you read a fortune.

Finally I was able to rip myself away from the computer and watch the awesome Halloween episode of Modern Family with my hubby. So instead of writing about Michael Jackson, you get this lame post. ;)

I hope everyone has a Happy (and safe) Halloween and a great week!

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean  *To this day, this is one of the best performances I’ve seen. I remember the day after the Grammy’s all of the morning news was buzzing about it. Kids at my school, including me, thought MJ was the coolest thing and would practice moonwalking.

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Six Word Fridays: Treat


Dressing my daughter up for Halloween.

Little Red Riding Hood, so cute.

She has a little basket too.

Have a feeling I’ll carry it.

While she pulls at her cape.

I’m not sure what she’ll think.

Seeing scary monsters, princess fairies, goblins.

She’s only eighteen months old now.

I hope she won’t be frightened.

We’re going to a neighborhood party.

Families, games, pumpkin carving, candy galore.

Don’t normally let her have sweets.

This time I’m making an exception.

I’ll let her have some treats.

Happy Halloween, hope yours is great!

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Hats for Elliot

To learn more about Elliot and his mom Jess, please go here.

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House Of Quirks, Ghosts, And A Crazy Amount Of Light Switches.

We moved into our new house at the beginning of September and we love it here. I can’t even believe we dealt with our previous house of horrors for a few weeks back in August. While our new house has been great, it does have some quirks, not including me and the hubby.

Our bedroom is right on top of the garage. Two days during the week my hubby has to be at work before 7 am. Usually my daughter gets up between 6:45-7 am and sits in her crib playing for a little while before telling me to get my ass out of bed by screaming at the top of her lungs.

Every minute of sleep I can get is precious to me, especially since I have insomnia and I’m usually up pretty late. I really dread the days that my husband leaves for work so early. I’ll be sleeping peacefully and then I’m jolted awake to what can only be described as a jet plane flying underneath the bedroom when the garage door opens. Not only that, I can feel the room rumble and vibrate. Talk about a rude awakening.

Another thing my husband and I find amusing is the amount of light switches we have in our house. We don’t even know what half of them are for. Our bedroom has a two panel light switch and we have no idea what the other switch does. I’ve thought how funny it would be if every time we turn it on and off someone’s television in the neighborhood goes off or their garage door opens.

It took me a month to find the bedroom closet light. Common sense would have it be right next to the door but I was hunting all around inside the closet thinking it was there since I didn’t see it outside of the door. Then I thought the extra switch we have in the bedroom turned on the closet light. Finally I found it behind the television in our bedroom, nearly three feet away from the closet. Wha?

The switch we have for our garbage disposal is way off to the side of the kitchen sink on the wall and it’s impossible to lean that far, unless your six feet tall and have the flexibility of Gumby. So I have to turn on the water in the kitchen sink, walk around the kitchen counter and lean over to switch it on.

The laundry room has four switches, two each by the door to the laundry room and by the garage door. It literally takes only a few steps to walk from the laundry room door to the garage door, yet there’s a light for the laundry room placed by each door.

The creepy thing about the house is that we have two ghosts. You might not believe in that sort of thing but I’ve had too many experiences that have convinced me that they exist. I feel like the two are a couple, a man and a woman. From the mental images I’ve gotten, they seem like they’re from the late 1800′s.

My husband doesn’t believe in ghosts but when I mentioned this to him he said there used to be a hotel on this land back in the late 1800′s. He couldn’t help but look a little freaked out. That’s when I told him “See, I’m not a crazy person”, well not all the time. 

He said that it could just be subconscious because right before we moved in, I was with him when he was talking to some guy about how our house is where an old hotel used to be. I honestly don’t remember this at all and was probably chasing my daughter around. But isn’t that adorable? My hubby actually thinks I listen when he talks…awww. ;) 

I’ve named the ghostly couple John and Sara since that’s what I get from them. Sara doesn’t seem too happy about us being here and I feel like I’m being stared at a lot. What’s creepy is our stairs go right outside our bedroom and sometimes I feel like she’s staring into the bedroom from above the banister.

It doesn’t help that sometimes our cat will be laying on the bed and then she’ll start acting weird and look towards the bedroom door. Of course acting weird is the cat’s specialty. So now I keep the door closed halfway at night and I dread when I have to go downstairs into the kitchen to get water.

Another creepy thing is at night when my daughter is asleep, I’ve watched her on the baby monitor and see light strobes flash across the screen. I’m not talking about one or two light strobes either. There will be several over by her crib. It’s like something out of Poltergeist.

Maybe I can ask Sara what all of these light switches are for.

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Wordless Wednesday: Stop And Smell The Flowers

Sometimes, this is how she "smells" things. Lol!

Other times, practice makes perfect!

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Hats for Elliot

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In This Moment.

You’re my sweet baby girl. My little hummingbird.

My love for you grows even greater every day.

But in this moment of a cuddle, the love I have for you is even more overwhelming.

You’ve been walking for months. You’ve become such a pro.

You run from room to room. Your feet like a cartoon.

But in this moment that you fall, I want to take all the tears you have and make them mine. I want to take away the scared feelings and the pain, experience it myself.

I rock you gently before a nap and really take notice of your hands. So tiny and delicate. I look at your small fingers, your skin is so soft.

In this moment your hands are a thing of great beauty, something I don’t usually have time to notice. It becomes a memory I’ll always have, no matter how old you are.

You wake up earlier from your nap than I was expecting. I’m still blow-drying my hair in the bathroom. You turn on the water in the tub and get into the cabinets. Stick your hands in the toilet, unroll the toilet paper.

I tell you no and you have a meltdown. I’m on the verge of losing my cool. I pick you up and place you on the bed.

I start tickling, you start laughing. In this moment the bed becomes a play mat. I flip you over and become your personal jungle gym.

You’re 18 months old now but it’s hard for me to accept. I still see you as a baby. I look at recent pictures of you, you’re becoming quite the little lady. No longer helpless but wanting to do things for yourself.

My sweet baby girl, my little hummingbird; I will love you always.

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