Dear toy companies…really?!

I didn’t have much experience with you until my daughter’s first Christmas last year. I wanted to take her toys out of the packaging before putting them under the tree so we wouldn’t have to worry about doing it after she got her presents.

I ended up having to perform what I consider “toy brain surgery”.

Because of that, I hope you come down with a million painful hemorrhoids and have to sit on a pointy block of ice for the rest of your days.

One of the toys I got her was an airplane and I thought I would have it out of the box in just a few short minutes.

I was in the living room with my daughter, trying to get this toy out of the box. She was 8 months old at the time and was crawling on the floor, drooling buckets, and babbling away.

Just like David Hasselhoff minus the hamburger. I should have had her chew through that box. I know one drop of her super drool would have set the toy free.

The toy was attached to cardboard by 7 twist ties, 2 plastic straps that were screwed into the box AND impenetrable tape. Really?!

I had to get the scissors out, untwist those industrial strength twist ties that left my hands raw, rip through the cardboard while cursing a lot, and hunt down a screwdriver.

It got so heated that I felt like I needed make-up sex and a glass of wine afterwards. What I really needed was a chainsaw.

Another thing I don’t get is when some of those twist ties are placed in teeny tiny holes in the toy. Once you get them untwisted, you have to manipulate the twisty just right so you can pull it out of the toy. Really?!

This year my little girl only had a few toys that were like that since I mostly got her books. I hope she enjoys playing with these toys while they’re imprisoned in your crazy packaging. Although the remote control car might be a little tricky.

*Blog of the week: Cake and Tea Blog. I recently came across this blog and I love it. She started blogging in December, is very relatable, and her son is such a cutie. Make sure to check out her site.

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