Nothing to see here, just avoid this post.

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE IT, I just don’t know where I fit into the bloggy world or if I even do.

Since I’ve been in such an emotional funk and throwing my own pity party, I’ve been feeling like pulling the plug on my blog. But then I’ll feel like writing, such as this nonsense, and I keep it going.

I completely understand that not everyone will agree with what I write or they won’t get that I’m just joking about things and that’s fine, they have that right. But there have been some people that obviously hate whatever I say, yet they keep coming back.

I write to blow off steam or “attempt” to be funny, along with everything in between but I don’t feel like I’m being malicious. I’m kind of like a hooker with a heart of gold, except for the whole hooker part. See, joking.

There are times, like now, when I wonder if anyone actually comes to my site because they like it. I put on my big girl panties when I read the comments but it can still be unexpected when they seem hateful.

I wouldn’t really strangle my husband, or duct tape his face because he won’t stop snoring, or karate chop my mother-in-law’s face off but one can dream.

I just don’t understand, if you hate someone’s blog so much, why would you even bother coming back? Okay, I know the answer to that but I still don’t get it. I do know that it comes with the territory though.

Speaking of comments, I love them and I want to thank everyone who takes the time to comment. I always have every intention of replying but lately the little hummingbird has been battling bedtime.

By the time she’s finally settled, I’m ready to drop dead and don’t have the time like I used to. I still try to reply, it just may take a week a few days.

There are times when I’ll be in the middle of responding to a comment while my little girl is playing and then I’ll get mommy brain and just walk away from the computer without hitting submit.

Then when I go back a day or two later, I’ll realize what I did. So embarrassing!

To sum it up, I’m in a funk, I don’t understand blog trolls, and I love comments. And if there is actually anyone out there who likes what I write my mom, don’t worry, I’ll be back to my usual nonsensical posts.

I know I won’t actually quit blogging anytime soon. How else am I supposed to ignore my little girl? See, that was just a joke  ;^)

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Is that a graham cracker in your shoe or are you just happy to see me?

*I say ‘one time’ so much, I keep thinking “This one time, at band camp…”

Once my daughter started crawling, baby gates went up and everything was fenced. She would still manage to get ahold of things like the remote control or our cell phones. If we dared to leave a magazine or book out, it would get chewed on and ripped.

Then she started walking. Ruh roh! She loves getting into her dresser and taking every single thing out of it. We put latches on it and she’s still able to pull things out in the time it takes me to pee.

She also likes to get into her closet, where half of her clothes hang at her level, and takes all of her clothes off of the hangers.

The little hummingbird also takes things and puts them in her diaper pail. There have been more than a few times when I’ll wash her diapers and have found all kinds of things including toys, stickers, and legos in the pail.

Once I saw that she threw in the remote control to our new television after I pressed the ON button to the washer. Luckily, it made it out in time.

Her favorite thing to do is ambush the refrigerator as soon as I open it. She’ll grab things in the door like the mustard or salad dressing and then hide it.

One time she ran up and grabbed a coke then ran off into the living room. She came back seconds later with a drink coaster and the coke, set the coaster down on the kitchen floor, and set the coke on top of it. That’s my girl!

Since she loves taking off her clothes, I spend a lot of time going through the house finding missing socks and shirts. Yesterday she was playing in the living room while I was making her lunch.

When I came to get her, she was shirtless and I looked everywhere for her missing shirt. I finally found it stored away in her play kitchen cabinet.

The little hummingbird has really been into playing dress up and with that she has also been learning to share with inanimate objects, like shoes. The other day she was trying to put her rainboots on by herself and was playing with some cat toys that disappeared.

When I was picking up later that night, I came across one of her rainboots and found this inside:

We were on our way to her music and movement class last week and I was putting on my fake Uggs. I felt something weird, along with a crunch.

When I took it off, I found that my little girl wanted to share her graham crackers with my shoe (we were rushing out the door so the picture’s dark but I couldn’t pass up the Kodak moment):

Last year my sister, whose kids are 3 and almost 5, found that one of her kids peed in her shoes. Bwahahaha! Yes, I’m evil.


What have your kids done that left you scratching your head? Pets count too.

It would never fail that every week after I washed the sheets and blankets, my cat would jump on the nice, clean bed and puke up hairballs. Not just once either. She would puke a little, walk a few inches, then puke up the rest of her hairball. Sometimes in 3 or 4 spots.

I would clean it up which means I would usually talk my hubby into cleaning it up and since I didn’t want to drag the blanket back downstairs to the dryer, I would get out my blow dryer and stand there drying the spots while thinking why in the hell can’t my cat puke on the blanket before I wash it.

I guess that wouldn’t be any fun and it would be way too convenient.


And just because, here are some photos of the little hummingbird with an early 2nd BIRTHDAY!! present, a playhouse. I so want to move in, especially when my husband snores at night.

Hello?! Anyone there? My parents are crazy, they won't let me watch Caillou as much as I want. Help!

Would you like some tea?

Hello?! Anyone there? The little hummingbird rings the doorbell over and over and over. Help!

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On the bright side, I didn’t kill anyone. Woo Hoo!

My in-laws were here from Friday-Sunday night and I didn’t kill them. Yay me! My father-in-law spent hours throughout the weekend talking about the weather. And it wasn’t just what the weather is like here or where they live.

He was talking about what the weather was like for practically every freaking state. He even informed us about the weather advisories for Yosemite National Park and went into detail of the evacuation routes they had. ???

On Sunday morning I was so done with my MIL. I put up with her insulting comments for the first 2 days but after that, whenever she would open her mouth, I wanted to karate chop her face off.

The in-laws gave our little girl an early birthday present and while we watched her play, my MIL asked my hubby when he was setting up the aquarium. My husband has always had an aquarium set up since I’ve known him.

When we moved into our current house he wanted to wait until the little hummingbird was older so we wouldn’t have to block the aquarium off to prevent her from banging on it.

So when my MIL mentioned an aquarium I thought oh no, they got our daughter one without asking first. I think I’ll end up in the Guinness Book Of World Records from all the times I’m writing ‘aquarium’ in this post.

Quick sidenote. My husband, well it seems like most men, has selective hearing as it is but when my in-laws come, my hubby seems to not hear most of the shite that my MIL says. Not all but most.

I asked no one in particular “What aquarium?” That’s when my MIL pissed me off and started talking to me really slow like I was some idiot. She said “Don’t you know what. an. A-QUAR-I-UM is? An A-QUAR-I-UM is what. people. put. fish. in.

And then I karate chopped her face in half. In my dreams. She spent the rest of the day talking to me realllly sloooow even though I kept my mouth shut. I took my husband aside and was like wtf is going on but he told me that he didn’t know what I meant. When I told him what she was doing he still didn’t know what I was talking about.

He becomes kind of like a pod person from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers when his parents are here.

My husband and I made a huge mistake by watching a movie with the in-laws. We know how bad they are when it comes to movies since they don’t seem to understand suspension of disbelief but we get so desperate and try to distract them with something.

I picked Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. Not only did I feel like going to one (so I found it fitting), it’s also one of my “comfort food” movies that makes me feel better.

My in-laws massacred that movie within a few minutes. For those who haven’t seen it, a couple moves out of the city to a country home so the guy can write his novel and things go awry.

At the beginning they show C.C. and his wife driving out of the city. This is what my MIL and FIL were like during the WHOLE movie. In-laws: “What city is that? Is it New York City? Maybe it’s Chicago. That building looks familiar. It could be NYC but I’m not sure.” Me: “It’s New York City.” MIL: No, it must be Chicago.

In-laws: “Why are they moving? Where are they moving to? What kind of car is that? I think it’s a blah blah. Why do they have such a small car while moving? You can’t fit anything into that car. That’s not realistic.”

Me: *head explodes*

This recent visit was more exhausting than the others because of the way I’ve been feeling. They said and did so much more that had me feeling stabby but instead of dwelling on it, I rather pretend that I spent a wild weekend with Mark Ruffalo and Timothy Olyphant, somewhere tropical. Ooh La La.

*Update. There’s something else I wanted to add before I stop dwelling on this. ;) My MIL nagged me the whole time about my daughter not wearing socks. The little hummingbird is 23 months old and she’s always taking off her clothes. When it comes to keeping socks on her, it’s impossible.

What got me though was my MIL only nagged me and not my husband about it. In fact my hubby brought up how whenever we go anywhere, by the time we get there, our daughter’s shoes and socks will be off.

The hummingbird does put one sock back on….her hand. My mother-in-law was telling my hubby that’s just how kids are. But then later on she would go up to my daughter, feel her feet, and tell me she can’t believe how I let her go without socks. *facepalm*

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It was either make a cute video or go crazy and sit in a padded cell. Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

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