Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Guns N’ Roses
Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine*

I was born in Los Angeles but when I was 3 years old my mom and I moved several states away to a very small town. Think Footloose but without Kevin Bacon and Sarah Jessica Parker and without the dancing. My mom remarried 4 years later and had my younger sister.

When I was 12 I decided I wanted to live with my biological dad aka sperm donor who lived in California. He was a musician, played guitar and was a singer, and had talent that he eventually wasted. At the time, he was married to my stepmother aka stepmonster aka crazy bitch.

I moved to California a few weeks before my 13th birthday and kept hearing about this L.A. band that was about to blow up by the name of Guns N’ Roses. Not long after, I saw their first video, Welcome To The Jungle, and was hooked. Flash forward to when I was 14 and living with my sperm donor in North Hollywood.

I just saw Guns N’ Roses a month earlier opening for the Rolling Stones at the L.A. Coliseum and was crazy about them. I found out from a classmate where GN’R bassist Duff McKagan (who I loved at the time and wanted to marry) and drummer Steven Adler (way before he was an obvious mess) lived. The school I went to wasn’t far from Ventura Blvd., close to where they lived in Studio City.

My friend Michelle and I decided to hit Duff’s house first. We weren’t sure if he lived in some gated house on lockdown (he should have to save himself from us) and we came up with some lame reason to come knocking on his door so we wouldn’t seem like crazed fans. Ha!

I was going to pretend that I had lost my dog (told you it was lame) and even before knocking on his door, we went to some of his neighbors and fake knocked just in case he saw two crazy teenage girls outside from his window. We thought if he saw us doing this then he would really think I lost my imaginary dog. Because rock stars don’t have anything better to do than look out of their windows all day. 🙂

I was surprised by his house, no security gates, no burly bodyguards. We walked right up to his door and rang the doorbell. Nothing. Tried it again. Nada. Then I saw him peeking around a corner from inside his house. Smart man. He even came up to the door but didn’t answer it. Very smart. Then he disappeared and we gave up and went on our way. I’ll never forget, on his porch there was a paper plate with dry cat food so he was probably feeding some stray cat which made me love him even more.

A few days later we skipped the last period of school to walk over to Steven Adler’s house. I don’t know where I got the energy back then because now there isn’t any way you could get me to walk as far as we did. We saw that he lived up this steep hill and even for two 14 year olds we thought holy crap, that’s a big ass hill to walk up. We finally made it up the hill but before we made our way to the front of his house, we had to spray our hair with Aqua Net (I always kept a big can of it in my purse) and put on a few layers of black eyeliner, melted with a lighter of course.

His house was trickier as it had a tall, white wooden fence around it and a security code entrance. Smart man. I was looking through the cracks in his gate to see if anyone was home and saw a few adorable pugs sitting on top of his couch through his picture window in his living room.

So Michelle and I walked over to the intercom with the intention of pressing the call button. The conversation went something like this:

Michelle: Go ahead, press the button.

Me: No way! You press it.

Michelle: I can’t press it, I’m too scared. You press it.

Me: I’m not pressing it, you press it.

The conversation went on like that for a few minutes and finally I said that we might as well leave so I started walking down the sidewalk in front of his house. Michelle stood by the intercom debating whether or not to press the call button. All of a sudden his garage door starts opening and I thought “Oh crap, did I trigger something?” I looked to my left and saw Steven Adler driving up in a black BMW.

I stood there frozen then I tried to get Michelle’s attention. I freaked out and started racing down the sidewalk past his garage to get the hell away since I was too nervous to meet him.

I thought Steven Adler (who was much cuter in person) would see us and close the garage door but as I was speed walking past, not at all obvious, he got out of his car, came up to me, put his hand out, and said “Hi, how are you!” Wha? Me?

I guess I wasn’t invisible like I was hoping to be so I squeaked out “Hi, I’m fine” and shook his hand. I thought I was going to faint because OMG it’s Steven Adler, the drummer from Guns N’ Roses! Michelle finally realized what was going on and walked down to the garage although the chit-chat between me and him seemed like forever until she got there since I was so. freaking. nervous.

He signed autographs for the both of us, mine said “So Fine Babe” and of course hers said “To My Michelle”. He was truly the nicest, sweetest guy to us. He also gave us both hugs. OMGOMGOMG. I did not want to let him go.

I was so careful with his autograph while we were walking back home. I didn’t have a backpack because I was too cool for one at that age. 😉 I had it in my binder and would check up on it on the walk back to make sure it was still there.

The next morning I still couldn’t believe I met him so while I grabbed some peanut butter and toast, I stood there staring at his autograph while thinking I need to frame it so nothing happens to it. Then I looked at the clock and saw that I was late for school as usual.

As I was rushing to put his autograph in a safe place, I wasn’t thinking and grabbed it with my right hand that had a glob of peanut butter on my thumb. I raced to wipe it off and ending up smearing it half way across his signature. OMGOMG.

Not long after that I framed it and always kept an eye on it whenever moving after my hubby joined the military. But after 10 moves over the course of 14 years, the autograph is long gone. I find comfort in knowing the peanut butter stain is keeping the autograph company.

*For my mom. After several years of resisting Guns N’ Roses, she was out visiting me about 5 years ago and heard Sweet Child O’ Mine on the radio. She told me she never realized what a great song it was and played it over and over and over again when we were in the car and at home. Or maybe she was just getting back at me….hmmm. 😉

**Make sure to enter my very first blog giveaway!

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My First Blog Giveaway!

I’ve been thinking of doing a giveaway for a while. Since we’ve just moved into our new house, it can be thought of as a reverse housewarming gift. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of what the prize will be.

Then as I saw my daughter toddling around the house with her lovey, it came to me. My first giveaway is the Aden + Anais 2 pack jungle jam swaddle blankets along with the boardbook Chugga Chuga Choo Choo.

I heard about these when I was pregnant but didn’t get them for my daughter until around her first birthday. She was getting too big for her receiving blankets so I decided to give them a try. Needless to say I don’t use these as swaddling blankets. It’s a perfect light blanket for her to use but still warm.

My little girl LOVES these blankets and has several. She usually carries one around the house and cuddles with it, puts it over her head and walks around bumping into things to scare mommy, and sleeps with one. She always ends up laying on top of it while sleeping, her arms wrapped around her lovey. I’ve used them myself and they are very cozy.

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo is a book written by Kevin Lewis and has become a favorite in our house. We read this to our daughter almost every night. Hers has a chunk bitten out of it with chew marks all around, it could be looked at as a book and a teether. 🙂 An excerpt from the book is “Sun’s up, Morning’s here, Up and at em’, engineer. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo. Whistle blowing, Whooo Whooo.”

*To enter all you need to do is leave a comment and tell me what your or your child’s favorite lovey or book was/is. There can be 3 entries per person. This giveaway is only available to those in the continental U.S.  The winner will be chosen randomly.

I will contact the winner by email and after the winner responds, I will announce it on my blog. If there isn’t a response within 48 hours from the time I email, another winner will be chosen.

The giveaway starts September 26th at 7 am PST and ends September 29th at 7 pm PST.

Good luck everyone!

If you have any questions:

email: elle(dot)mommyhood(at)gmail(dot)com

**I wasn’t paid to review the above products or host a giveaway. I’m pretty sure my little girl wasn’t either, otherwise she would have eaten the money and I would have seen it in her diaper.

The hummingbird with her lovey.

There was absolutely no posing for this picture whatsoever. Nope, none at all.

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One More Day….

One more day until Dexter! My hubby and I love this show and I can’t wait. Last year the little girl took awhile before she would settle for bed so we couldn’t just sit down and watch the whole episode.

This year she’s going to bed without much fuss so we can watch all of it. Yay, we can break out the popcorn! I love putting peanut m&m’s into the popcorn and letting them get a little melty. The best combo ever! 🙂

3 lessons I learned this week (2 of them happened Friday):

1. Don’t boil bottle nipples and then forget about them until an hour later when the whole house smells like burnt plastic.

2. Don’t forget that there are dirty cloth diapers only to remember a week later.

3. Don’t forget that you left a bottle sitting in the garage (hubs) only to find it several weeks later.

It was a very stinky week. 😉

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Six Word Fridays: Thankful


Short, sweet, and to the point.

I’m thankful for baby belly buttons.

Blowing raspberries, making my daughter laugh.

Such enjoyment in that small moment.

Go to Making Things Up for more on six word fridays.

*I’ll be announcing my first blog giveaway on Sunday, 7 am PST. Make sure to check back.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Stare Down.

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*Update. Check back this Sunday for My First Blog Giveaway! It will be of special interest to moms with young children and those expecting. I’m looking at you My Life The Mom.

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TMI Tuesday – Television And Such.

I started TMI Friday as a play off of T.G.I.F. Then I started doing six word fridays at Making Things Up and changed it to TMI Saturday. Now it will probably be on a random day of the week. I might not even do it weekly, just depends if I have too much info to tell. 😉

I don’t get the popularity of Jersey Shore. I watched a few minutes of it last season and it made me feel stabby.

I do however love Teen Mom, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. I was pregnant with my daughter when these girls were on the first season of 16 and Pregnant. I want to give Catelynn and Tyler a big hug (Catelynn’s mom is horrid to the point where I actually feel sick to my stomach while watching the way she treats her), give a knee slam to Maci’s ex Ryan, tell Amber and Gary to just stay far, far away from each other, and when it comes to Farrah, I’m not quite sure. She seemed really spoiled the first season (I believe that’s her parents doing) but I think she’s finally coming around. Then there’s her mom…

My hubby can’t stand it when I watch that show (I’m lucky and usually have control of the remote) and has told me he would rather watch The Real Housewives of Orange County. He’s HATES the TRHOC but I think he secretly likes it. I’ve see him watching it when he thinks I’m not looking.

I tried watching that new show on TLC, Quints By Surprise, and it made my ears bleed.

I don’t know why but I can’t NOT watch the Duggars.

I also cannot stop watching A Perfect Getaway. HBO has been playing it for the last 2 weeks. It doesn’t help that Timothy Olyphant is in it. He’s a hottie and I’ve liked him since I saw the movie Go. It’s not a good thing since I still have a lot of unpacking to do.

Kate Gosselin has gotten even worse and I get secondhand embarrassment from watching her diva behavior. Can’t even watch the new show. And she punishes her kids….for acting just like her. On the first episode I saw bits and pieces and they did some kind of juicing contest. She said “excuse you” to one of her kids and that was it for me.


When we were out shoe shopping for the hubby, my little girl was toddling around the store and she stopped to wave at a woman. My daughter usually waves backwards (to herself) and the person she’s waving to usually waves back. This lady tells my daughter “You’re doing it the wrong way.  That’s not how you wave!” She was brash but I don’t think she was trying to be mean. Still it bothered me and I felt my mama bear come out. I didn’t say anything but it just makes me wonder what makes people say those kinds of things. I wouldn’t dare say that, not even to my own kid. I think the lady was related to my MIL. 😉

I know I make mistakes when I write and also put comma’s and such in the wrong places. Thing is I don’t have the time to go over my posts with a fine tooth comb. I’m a perfectionist and if I did have the time, I would never post anything since I would always find something wrong. Also my 17 month old daughter likes to “help” sometimes.

I am in the middle of an almond obsession right now. I want them in any way, shape, or form and in anything. That sounds so pervy but they rock my world. 🙂

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Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield – Love Somebody

When I was 6 years old, I had two big loves of my life; The Smurfs and Rick Springfield. Oh wait, there were 99 smurfs. So when I was 6 years old, there were 100 big loves…..wait. I could. not. stand. Brainy Smurf. Let’s try this one last time. When I was 6 years old there were 99 big loves of my life, The Smurfs minus Brainy and Rick Springfield.

For my 7th birthday I got my very own tape recorder (yes, I’m old) that my mom let me open early. I also saw that among the other gifts was one I was certain was a cassette tape (yep, old as the hills). I was also certain that it was Rick Springfield’s Working Class Dog cassette tape.

I had some friends over for my birthday slumber party and I was picturing my friends and I dancing the night away to Rick Springfield. Finally when I unwrapped the cassette tape it was….The Smurfs. I pretended to be excited when I put in my new cassette tape of smurfs singing since I didn’t want to hurt my parents feelings. Smurfs singing since, say that five times fast.

Not long after, I got my tape of Rick Springfield (all of them eventually) and would listen to him constantly. He was smurfilicious!

I didn’t realize until I was older that his songs could be…ahem…quite suggestive for someone so young although I never gave it any thought because I was so young.

I think adults can forget the innocence that children have and how they see things in such a different way. I hope I keep that in mind when it comes to my daughter.

I go from The Smurfs and Rick Springfield to deep thoughts, my mind is always scattering about. Let’s see some more Rick Springfield.

Have a great week everyone!

Rick Springfield – What Kind of Fool Am I

Rick Springfield – I Get Excited. I had to put this video up because this was taken just last year and damn, the man is still hot…at 61! I actually had to check several online sources because I couldn’t believe he was born in 1949.

Then to my husband’s dismay I spent the next 15 minutes repeatedly saying that I can’t believe he’s that old and his date of birth must be a typo. This man is a freak of nature. And look at those arms, whoo! Enjoy Lisa!

*When we were coming back from the grocery store Saturday night, they played Jessie’s Girl on the radio. I think my hubby is starting to regain his hearing from me screaming in excitement.

**I decided to change the look of my blog. I’m thinking of revamping it completely since I’m still not happy with the way it looks.

Update: I had to add a few more Rick Springfield videos because it’s Rick Springfield!!!

Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl….Obviously 🙂 I was going to leave this one out, not because I don’t like it, just that it was so overplayed, but it’s Rick Springfield day!! And I’ve already had too much coffee.

Rick Springfield – Don’t Talk To Strangers

Rick Springfield – Hit Scene 1972 – I wasn’t even born yet. This isn’t a music video but I had to put this up also. I always forget he’s Australian and this mama LOVES accents.

A  little trivia, his last name is actually Springthorpe. Rick Springthorpe just doesn’t have the same ring to it. It sounds like a name from that show Dynasty. *Disclaimer: If your last name is Springthorpe, it’s a perfectly respectable name. I was just sayin’. Aaand no more coffee for me.

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