Poop Talk.

A night in the life of two party animal parents…Hubby comes home from work.

Him: Did she poop today? Me: She did earlier this morning. Him: What was it like? Me: Oh, it was like rabbit pellets so that means she probably has another one coming later. Him: She didn’t poop yesterday. Me: No, actually she did, twice. Him: Really? What were they like?

Me: The first one was really mushy. Good thing she was wearing a onesie or else it could have leaked. I was pretty impressed AND it took three diaper wipes. Him: Wow, that is impressive! What about the second one?

M: That one was more of a ball. H: What was the color like? M: It was dark brown but she must not have chewed her steamed carrots very well because there were orange lumps in it.

H: What did she have for lunch? M: She ate mac n’ cheese, avocado, and crackers but she didn’t care for her sliced bananas. H: We’ll let her have a banana break this week, maybe then she’ll want them next week. M: We should make sure to get some blueberries when we go to the store since she’s really liking them lately. H: Did the cat do anything today? M: How am I supposed to know what the cat did? I barely had time to pee.

After hubby puts her to bed….

M: Did she go to sleep right away? H: Yeah, she was a tired little girl. M: Did she drink her whole bottle? H: Almost, but she was falling asleep. M: Did you make sure to put lotion on her cheeks? I noticed they were a little dry. H: Yes. M: But did you remember to rub it in this time? H: I rubbed the lotion in. M: Did you brush her hair? H: Yesssss! M: Okay, just asking because I know how you forget. Do you have the baby monitor?

H: It’s already downstairs. M: Do you want to watch Weeds? H: Sure. M: Did you hear that? I think she’s still up. Maybe we should wait to watch Weeds until we know that she’s asleep. H: Let me go check.

H: Well she’s awake and bouncing around in her crib. M: But is she happy or was she whining. Because if she was whining then maybe we should hold off on watching Weeds. H: She seemed happy. If we’re going to watch it tonight then we better do it now since it’s getting so late (8pm). M: I can’t find the new episode on the DVR. H: Let me see the remote.

M: I think I know how to work a remote. H: I know, I just want to see something. M: Fine, but I’m telling you it’s not on the DVR. I think I forgot to record it. H: Then it should be On Demand…..I don’t see it on here though. M: Oh! I remember, they skipped last week. *Hubby walks upstairs to get ready for bed*

I go to the kitchen, grab some chocolate and start watching Sweet Home Alabama for the millionth time. Not long after, I hear the hubby upstairs snoring like a bear.

Total party animals….

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Six Word Fridays: Listen


Listen up, we’ve got to stop.

All the hate that’s goin’ ’round.

Different faces, different races, different places.

We need to listen and communicate.

Stop the anger, stop the rage.

Because of differences, war is waged.

Go to Making Things Up for more info in six word fridays.

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I Received An Award!

I received an award from Discovering The Me In Mommy!

The rules for accepting this award…

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they’ve been chosen.

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*Please don’t feel obligated to accept the award, I like your blogs and wanted others to know. 🙂  Also I’m breaking the rules, if you can’t list 15 newly discovered blogs, don’t worry about it. Just a few would be fine.

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Wordless Wednesday: Hmmm….

*This was taken in a parking lot across the street from a playground.

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Who Is This Tiny Person Living With Us and What Has She Done With My Baby Girl?

For the past couple of months, my little girl has become more challenging different. At 17 months old she throws things in frustration, slaps my hand away, and scrunches up her face among other things. It’s kind of like watching the Incredible Hulk’s transformation, except she doesn’t turn green. I’m not sure if I should stand there and watch or run away while screaming.

She has started to throw tantrums which I’m sure are mild compared to how they’ll be as she gets older. When we take something away from her like the remote, something she picked up off of the floor that we can’t identify, or a Chinese throwing star (ya know the usual) then she goes ballistic and it sounds like we’re torturing her.

When we’re at home and it happens, it pulls at my heartstrings, but I try to stand firm with her. But when it happens in public, I worry that people are thinking we are those awful parents who can’t control their child. If I have to run to the store for milk and my daughter has a meltdown, I can’t just go back home. That’s how I thought I would handle a situation like that before I had my daughter. There’s a laundry list of ways I thought I would handle things before I had a child. Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve done a 180.

It takes so much just to leave the house with her because of scheduling around nap time and meals. I can’t go to the store for something we really need only to leave before we get it just because she’s whining loudly or making a noise only dogs can hear. We get stares and people roll their eyes at us and normally that would bother me but I’m too distracted to care anymore.

Before I had my daughter I would get mildly annoyed if I was out somewhere and a child was acting up. Now I sympathize with the parents and give them the “Yep, been there, done that, so sorry” look.

*We don’t really have Chinese throwing stars lying around the house. We only keep them in the kitchen utility drawer. heh

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Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Duran Duran

Duran Duran – Wild Boys

When I was about 8 years old I discovered Duran Duran. I was completely obsessed with them, John Taylor in particular, and had their posters PLASTERED all over my bedroom walls.

I still squeal like a little girl whenever I hear a Duran Duran song, even in public. No, it doesn’t embarrass my husband at all.  HA!  Looking at them now, I realize that Simon LeBon was damn hot but my heart will always belong to John Taylor.  🙂 When I was 8 years old my dream was to marry him when I grew up. I guess I can finally kiss that dream goodbye. *sigh*

Have a great week everyone!


*I normally use YouTube videos but I couldn’t embed any of D.D’s videos onto my blog from there. If you roll over the video with your mouse, then you can see the video’s without the other stuff blocking the view. Just sayin’  😉

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Saturday in Pictures.

Just some random pictures taken over the years. My hubby is the photographer in the family.

Seattle. Taken from the Space Needle.

Snoqualmie Falls

10 year anniversary. Hot air balloon ride in Tukwila, CA.

My hubby has awesome woodworking skills. Just don't look at our old, ugly couch. circa 2005

The Awakening at Hains Point Washington D.C.

Taken from our apartment balcony in Arlington, VA

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