Six Word Fridays: The Best

The Best:

Having my daughter smile at me.

Giving me hugs and sloppy kisses.

Laying her head on my shoulder.

Then running over to her toys.

Glancing back, seeing I’m still there.

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Random Thoughts And Too Much Caffeine.

Okay I know a few days ago I said I was going to take a break for the rest of the week because I was so upset about our new house being a money pit. But now that the hubby and I are on the same page, I guess you could already tell my “break” is over.

Basically saying I’m going to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the week is like saying I’m not going to eat those last few pieces (or 10) of Hershey’s Bliss chocolate that is just laying in a bag on the dining room table right now, calling to me.

Obviously I like to talk, hence the blog, but I would like to mention that if you ever tell me anything in private, I will never tell another person, ever. Didn’t you just hate those girls in High School that would tell people things you wanted to be kept private? These girls weren’t really your friends but weren’t your enemies either, although you would later become frenemies.

They would get you to tell them who you have a crush on, promise to not tell a soul, you would reveal your crush of the moment, then they would run up to said crush and blab away. It was one thing when my friends and I would pull that intentionally with the other person knowing. Then I would just stand there looking so embarrassed that the guy was being told even though secretly I was thinking “Finally, this guy will know I exist!” When those awful girls did it though, it was humiliating.

Okay I’ve had way too much caffeine. This post was supposed to go one way and it just did a 180. In crappy house news, there was a spider the size of a tarantula crawling on the wall by my side of the bed last night.

So maybe the spider wasn’t that big but why does it always have to be by my side. Can’t these spiders give some love to my hubby’s side?! It was about 3 am and of course my hubby was thrilled that I woke him up to take care of a spider. We are currently waiting for the owner to show up at about 5 pm so we can see if we can get out of this house. I’m so nervous, I feel like I’m waiting to meet Johnny Depp (insert person you would be nervous about meeting).

My hubby went back to the military housing office yesterday and he was able to reserve that perfect mildew free house for us, so now we wait. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

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Wishing And Hoping…..

My hubby finally caved. The house we want is available on September 3rd. Now it’s just up to the owner of this house on whether or not we can leave. We don’t know if he’ll let us out of the lease. The hubby has been pouring through pages of lease contracts online and we think we have an out due to the fact that I can’t breathe. 😉  At least I’m hoping that’s a good enough reason. The owner is so nice and even installed a dishwasher for us so I’m feeling really guilty about this.

The owner lives in another state so he has to drive 14 hours to come here on Thursday. Please cross your fingers and every other body part for that matter in hoping we can get out of here.

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Wordless Wednesday: Yay!


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House Update.

When we lived in this area 3 years ago, we decided it was easiest to live in military housing. They had brand new single family homes and townhouses but there was a waiting list. We lived in the older section and well, it sucked. The townhouse we lived in had major water damage and was shoddy.

Today in my desperation, I pretty much forced my husband to check out the military housing and see if there was anything open in the new section. There was and the one that we or rather I liked the best was a single family home, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a fenced in yard for the little girl, 2 car garage, and the best part: it’s mold and mildew free.

The downside is it would cost more to live in military housing because they take the maximum housing allowance that’s given for the area we live in. It wasn’t that way when we lived there before but considering what we’re dealing with in this current house, I’m in.

As I’m writing this my hubby is outside sulking. I feel horrible about this whole situation and this move has been pure hell on wheels but after going there this afternoon, I knew that is where we need to be. It’s a very nice military community with several playgrounds and kids galore for the little girl to play with. Not only that, it’s very close to where my hubby will be working.

Before even finishing this post my husband in so many words let me know that he wants to stay in this house and doesn’t want to move. I knew he would do this and I will be so embarrassed about my emotional meltdown (later on) that I am having this instant but I feel like this is a fucking nightmare.

I have a post for Wednesday but after that I’m taking a break because I feel if I write anymore this week, I will say so much that I’ll later regret. I just want to lay in a ball and cry, eat ice cream, and watch bad reality television. One thing I won’t regret saying, my husband is being such an asshole.

*Reading this post 3 weeks later I do regret calling my hubby that but the situation we were in was very frustrating at the time.

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All That’s Missing Is Tom Hanks And Shelley Long.

We moved into our house last Thursday and it has been disastrous. The biggest issue is the horrible musty/mildew smell that is throughout the entire house. I have asthma, which has always been under control, but being in this house has really flared it up. The only way I can describe it is that it always feels like I have my head stuck in a vacuum cleaner bag.

I feel like my lungs are filled with cement, my throat is always scratchy, and I’m pretty useless right now when it comes to doing anything. I’ve told my husband that we just need to find another house because I really don’t think this can be resolved.

We have a de-humidifier upstairs, one downstairs and an air purifier. It’s not helping. Not only that, everything reeks of this musty smell. We can’t even use the hall closet or the cabinets in the bathroom because the smell is so bad.  It’s pissing me off because my hubby doesn’t seem to understand just how bad it is for me.

He talked to the owner and he’s coming down here this Thursday to see what can be done. The owner also mentioned that he did have some mold issues in the basement a few years ago but that problem was fixed (apparently not). I’ve put this in a prior post but this house is very unusual with awkward shaped rooms so we have to use the basement as our bedroom. Basements creep me out and the air quality down there is even worse than upstairs. I really dread having to go down there at night.

As far as the awkward shaped rooms, we can’t fit our couch into the living room. Let me clarify, we can but there’s already a built-in couch (uncomfortable) and built-in shelves that are flimsy (but can’t be removed) and the little girl could easily rip them out so they’re not safe for her, so there isn’t any way we can set up our couch where it wouldn’t be in the way. We currently have our television sitting in the kitchen since that doesn’t fit in the living room either.

I really don’t feel that the mildew and lack of space issues can be taken care of, no matter how creative we are in using the space we do have, and the only resolution is moving. But we’re stuck because we’ve spent so much money on moving and renting this house and the military hasn’t reimbursed us for it yet.

Even when they do, I don’t know how to get out of our lease without losing a lot of money. And then we would have to move *again* but it would be so worth it, to me at least.  Breathing is pretty important….obviously. 😉  If I have to stay in this house, I picture myself having to roll around an oxygen tank wherever I go, it’s that bad.

I’m either really sensitive to mold or allergic because my hubby isn’t as affected by the smell. I’ve also noticed the little girl coughing for the past couple of days and that has me really worried.

The hubby loves the house and doesn’t want to move. Also if we move somewhere else, it will be out of our pocket and the hubs isn’t happy about that.

There are countless other issues but I’m sure if you’re still reading this, you’ve gone catatonic. I’ll leave you with this; whenever we take a shower, the toilet starts overflowing*. Yep. We are living in the money pit.

*We do have a plumber coming so that will hopefully be taken care of.

**I promise I won’t bitch so much in my next post. I’m just feeling so overwhelmed.

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Don’t Fret. It’s Music Monday! Français Edition.

MC Solaar – Caroline (Oh how I wish I was Caroline. *sigh*)

Translation (Thanks to Will):

I was chilling, sitting on a bench,
It was spring, and
Two lovers gather daisies.
Overdosed on tenderness
They play like children
I love you a little… lots… madly passionate…
But after a deception of the heart,
My good mood became brutal
But to hate another is not our right
Jealousy’s radioactive.

Caroline was a friend, a super fine girl
I think again of her, of us, of our vanilla ice creams
Of her cravings for strawberry, raspberry and blueberry,
Of her endless talk, of her tacky style.
I’m the ace of clubs that trumps [spade] your heart
The ace of clubs that trumps your heart…
The ace of clubs that trumps your heart…

Like the four-leaf clover [spade], I seek your happiness,
I’m the man who fell in time to take your heart
Let’s not gamble with this
Caro [diamond], this message comes from the heart,

A pyramid of kisses,
A storm of friendship,
A wave of feeling,
A cyclone of softness,
An ocean of thoughts,
Caroline, I offered you a
 bâtiment of tenderness.

My fears are deep blue,
The red army is on my tail
I took out green bills for you,
I had to move to prevail,
Fire-starter of your heart,
Fighter-pilot of your fears,
I offered you a symphony of colours.

She left, masochist, with an old macho,
That she’d met in a station on the metro
When I see them hand-in-hand smoking the same cigarette,
I feel a flush in her heart, but she daren’t say a word.
I’m the ace of clubs that trumps your heart
The ace of clubs that trumps your heart…
The ace of clubs that trumps your heart…

MC Claude on the microphone, with a love story ragamuffin style
To tell you about a girl-friend called Caroline
She was my girl, my hit, she was my vitamin,
My drug, my dope, my coke, my crack, and my amphetamine
I think of her again, cosmopolitan, 20 years young and pretty,
Let me rewind the film on life’s video player,
Should I admit, for her tears have fallen –
Ocular haemorrhage…

A toast to our friendship,
To the past, the present, and I hope of the future,
I passed to be present in your future
This life’s a game of cards,
And Paris [bet] a casino,
I’m with the reds, heart,
Caro [diamond].

I’m the ace of clubs that trumps your heart…
The ace of clubs that trumps your heart…
The ace of clubs that trumps your heart…

I love this French Hip-Hop artist and especially love French films. “À la folie… Pas du tout” translation: “He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not” with Audrey Tatou is one of my favorite French films. You should really check it out. 🙂  I don’t speak French but hope to learn someday. I just don’t want to spend years in French classes only to learn “Where is the bathroom?” or “The monkey is on the branch.”

Have a great week!

Eddie Izzard – Learning French (with subtitles)

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