Six Word Fridays: Fantasy


I see you laying there, warm.

Can’t keep my hands off you.

I bite in, cheesy, gooey goodness.

I can’t resist a delicious burrito.

Need to stop but want more.

Then I spot you, standing tall.

Crispy, crunchy, oh so very tasty.

Love tacos, could eat them everyday.

You sit off to the side.

What a tease, you beckon me.

Take a chip, scoop you up.

Have to get my guacamole fix.

This is all fat free, right? 

It is, only in my fantasy.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Progression Of Peanut Butter.

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Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Footloose

Moving Pictures – Never

My hubby and I had lived in the D.C. area for three years before moving to California this July. Not long after finding out I was pregnant with my daughter, I told him that I would like to go up to New York City one last time before she was born. That Christmas he gave me a card. When I opened it up there were reservations for a hotel in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC the day after New Year’s Day.

I was nearly six months pregnant and as excited as I was to go to NYC, I was a little worried since I had to pee every 10 seconds. We made sure to find plenty of places to stop before we left and got a pack of Depends for good measure. I found when your pregnant and really have to pee, there’s no holding it. 🙂 Luckily I didn’t have to use the Depends on the drive up or coming back home.

It took us longer to drive up than we were expecting but we finally made it. After we dropped off our things at the hotel, off we went. We lived in Virginia Beach years before D.C. and had been to NYC three of four times so the plan was to avoid the tourist areas. My main goal was to eat at the renowned Gray’s Papaya. I was nauseous throughout my entire pregnancy but was finally able to stuff my face around the fifth month.

After getting dinner at a Mexican restaurant and hitting Gray’s (best hot dogs ever) for a “snack” we found ourselves near Times Square. So much for going to non-touristy places. It was only two days after New Year’s and they still had some things set up like these big stairs that turned red when you walked up them. Since I was eating my way through NYC, I wanted to go to the Hershey’s store.

I saw an episode on Project Runway not long before where the challenge was to design an outfit using items from that Hershey’s store. When we got inside it was jam-packed and since I hate crowds we left soon after. Actually all of Times Square was busier than normal so I wanted to get away from there.

We stood outside the store wondering what to do next. I remembered that Katie Holmes was currently on Broadway in the play All My Sons. I couldn’t remember the name then and had no idea what theatre it was at so we walked around for a while going down street after street. I have to admit that I’m not a Tom Cruise or Katie fan but for the past couple of months I would see pics of her in US Weekly arriving at or leaving the theatre and I was curious.

We finally came across the Schoenfeld Theatre and there were 3 ginormous black SUV’s in front and I knew they were part of her entourage. Then I saw one of her bodyguards walking around an SUV. I knew who he was because I would see him in a lot of paparazzi photos. Speaking of which there were a few paps in front of the theatre including a woman paparazzo I had seen in a video on E! a few weeks before. Yes, I like my celebrity gossip. 😉

We walked over to the theatre and I was surprised to find that other big names were also in the play since all I heard about was Katie. There was Patrick Wilson who I have seen in several indie films. I saw that John Lithgow was also in the play. OMG John freaking Lithgow! I first saw him playing the preacher in Footloose and loved the guy. He really has this comforting presence on-screen. He also played Roberta in one of my favorite movies, The World According To Garp and I loved him in Terms of Endearment.

Dianne Wiest was in the play as well. The Footloose parents were back together, how did I not know this?! One of my all time favorite movies with Dianne Wiest was The Lost Boys although I think she’s amazing in everything. I was really excited about John Lithgow and got the hubby to ask the woman pap if she’s seen any of the stars go into the Schoenfeld Theatre. She told us that Katie had already gone in but if we come back at around 10 pm we would have a chance to see her.

No offense to Katie but I wanted to see the other actors and as my hubby and I were deciding if we should come back or not I saw this really tall guy walking down the sidewalk. He was coming from my left (that must be my lucky side) and had on a long black coat and a big, fuzzy black hat. Then I realized OMG it’s John Lithgow! I wanted to ask him for his autograph but I’ve never been sure if you pronounce his last name Lith-go (how I say it) or Lithgow as in cow.

I got so tongue-tied and didn’t know what to do. Then I started slapping my hubby on the arm saying “Look, there’s John Lithgow! Take a picture!” I kept on repeating that to him and he turned to the stage door….to the right of us and was snapping away. I told him he was on the left but as soon as he turned to the left, John Lithgow was walking to the right of us. I was soaking it all in and couldn’t believe I was only standing a few feet away from him. The man is so tall and not really someone you can miss walking by. I’m talking to you hubs.

It wasn’t until after he walked in through the stage door that I realized I could have just called him John. D’oh! My hubby was still taking pictures of everyone walking by (haha) and I told him that J.L. had already gone in. The hubs had no idea who he was even though J.L.’s face was right there on the theatre. I was so surprised that here was Katie Holmes who had three SUV’s and bodyguards outside the theatre the entire time but John Lithgow takes a cab, walks past several people including the paparazzi, and nobody seemed to even notice or care. It’s John freaking Lithgow!! This guy was the preacher in Footloose! 🙂

We decided to call it a night and I called my mom to tell her about seeing John Lithgow. I’m sure she had no idea what I was talking about. I talk pretty fast under normal circumstances but when I’m excited it’s like you need a translator. My hubby and I took a cab back to our hotel in SoHo and I still couldn’t get over that he had no idea who John Lithgow was. I ran through every possible movie that he was in and even mentioned the Campbell Soup commercials he had been doing years earlier.

Pop culture is my specialty but clearly it’s not my hubby’s. He didn’t even start listening to music until the early 90’s. Gasp! When people want to know who that guy was who was in that movie with that girl, they ask me. 😉 They’ll even get extra info like who he’s currently dating, who he was married to, what other movies he’s been in, etc. I’m the expert of useless information.

We had been back at the hotel room for a few hours. Since I couldn’t give up on my hubby not knowing who John Lithgow was, I ran down the list again but this time added that he was on the sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun. “Oh yeah” said the hubby “I remember that show”.

Months later we started seeing previews for the new season of Dexter. My hubby and I love that show. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that John Lithgow was in the new season. When we watched Dexter last year I always had to point and say “Look, there’s John Lithgow. Take a picture.” Then my hubby would look in the opposite direction and say “Where?” That will never get old to me although I’m certain my hubby still wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a crowd.

Kenny Loggins – I’m Free

*For Em.

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Six Word Fridays: For The Record

For The Record:

My daughter has changed my world.

I see things through her eyes.

A box becomes a great mystery.

And on occasion a quick snack.

The toilet becomes a toy box.

I have to run faster now.

Making sure my phone doesn’t drown.

Her humor truly makes me smile.

She comes over for some snuggles.

Gently pats me on the back.

Then gives me a head bunk.

Laughing as she quickly runs away.

My little girl is growing fast.

For the record, she’s my heart.


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Toys I Would Like To Throw Out Of The Window. Part 2

I love penguins so when I saw a plastic wobble penguin in a toy store last year, I was interested. Then I saw that it seemed kind of lame and it didn’t do anything so I put it back on the shelf. When my daughter had her 1st birthday, guess what one of her gifts was? Yep! And guess who it was from? Yep! My MIL. The woman is out to get me.

The hubby took it out of the box and sure it was cute but when he put it down on the floor, it just sat there. What is the point of this toy (which by the way was almost as big as my daughter)? That wasn’t all, unbeknownst to me it had a button underneath and has sound effects. It plays this creepy clown music and some creepy sounding, psycho murdering clown says whooo hooo, wheeeeee when you smack it.

And smack it I did, over and over, across the room. When we showed it to the little girl, it scared the bejeebus out of her. It sat in the corner of her room and on one stressful day I decided to turn it on and kick it around a little. My daughter had been cranky and I was frazzled so when she saw me doing this, she thought it was so funny. The harder I kicked it the harder she laughed. Did I mention my MIL was visiting…and had been at our house for several days?

I needed some alone time with my daughter since my MIL likes to be thisclose. I felt like Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild as I stealthily threw her off my trail, making my way upstairs with my little cub. So I was able to let off some steam and my daughter got a good laugh, it was a win-win. Thank you pointless toy!

My daughter still doesn’t care for it and I don’t even know why we have it out after all this time. I would love to throw it out of the window. After thinking about it some more what I really would like to do is this….

Wait, before I go any further I need to put up a RED ALERT. This isn’t for the faint of heart. So in my deranged mind I would love to take a serrated knife to it. Just picture bits of plastic flying all over, like how Edward Scissorhands would be with toys. All the while I would be saying in my best impression of a creepy, psycho murdering clown, whooooo hooooooo, wheeeee!

What toys drive you crazy?

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We Have A Winner!


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Word(ful) Wednesday: I Wanna Help!

“I wanna help! Wait, your not my daddy. Hold up! Black dress shoes, black socks with shorts, AND a tie dye t-shirt?! I may be young but I’ve watched the Fashion Police on E! with my mommy. You, sir, are a fashion miss! Now, can I chew on that stick you’re holding?”

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