TMI Friday.

I think the movie The Happening is one of the best/worst movies I’ve seen in a while. As bad as I think it is, I bought it on DVD for those times when I need a good laugh.

After moving across the country and staying in hotels for close to a month, I had to cross Rock Star off the list of things I want to be when I grow up. ūüėČ

As I’m writing this,¬†I’ve eaten¬†an embarrassing amount of chocolate.

I don’t like wearing tennis shoes and would much rather go barefoot. So I usually wear flip-flops¬†or when it’s too cold my faux¬†Uggs.

I forgot how cold it can get in Northern California and had to wear tennis shoes for the first time in two years yesterday. My faux¬†Uggs are packed away but those will be the first things I look for when I’m unpacking today.¬†

If you haven’t seen The Secret Life of Bees or The Namesake, I highly recommend seeing them. They are both beautiful movies.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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A Lack Of Boundaries With A Side Of Ranch Dressing.

*I went back and forth about whether or not I should post this. Then I asked myself would I mind if my in-laws read this and the answer was hell no! Yes, it would be awkward but this is something I would say to them if I wasn’t so chicken shit. Also this is probably the longest post ever.

My mother in law drives me crazy. I know, how original right? She undermines everything I say and do and it’s gotten even¬†worse since I had my little girl. My in-laws are very strange¬†and not in a good way. They live in this bubble way up in the sky, so far removed from the real world.

I’m somewhat of a pessimist so maybe I’m being, well, too pessimistic but they are overly optimistic with a side of delusion.¬†If someone stabbed you, set you on fire, and then you had a dog come along and piss on you while you were being burned alive, my in-laws would find a bright side to it. Okay laugh, it is funny, but I’m not even kidding. They are cuckoo.

Another thing is they don’t understand the concept of personal space. at. all. Whenever they visit, they’re always breathing down our necks. They even follow us from room to room. Whenever I give my daughter a bath while they visit, my MIL will stand DIRECTLY behind me without saying a word. Then when I take the little girl out of the tub and into her room to dry her off and get her clothes on, the MIL will still stand right behind me. No talking, no interaction, she’s like a fucking jail warden.

My father is law loves to hear himself talk. But it’s always about things that you can’t really follow or you can’t add anything to the conversation. One of my all time favorites was when I was 8 months pregnant, very¬†uncomfortable, and¬†hormonal. We were having dinner and he started talking about satellite¬†imaging, for close to an hour and a half. Yeah, I know.

He went on and on talking about whether it was better to take the images at 45,000 feet or 60,000 feet and blah blah¬†blah. Um, what the hell do you say to that and how in the hell can that drag on for close to 90 minutes?! He talks about things like this all the time. Occasionally the hubby will chime in about something although I don’t know what because I always space out and fall into a semi-coma when the FIL¬†talks.

My¬†hubby’s parents treat him in a way that I can only describe as the way you treat a 2-year-old when they’re potty training. It’s one thing to be proud of your child’s accomplishments, whether they’re young or old, but they lay it on so thick that it’s embarrassing. It’s appropriate for a child but not for a grown man with a family of his own.

Not too long ago when they were visiting us, my hubby was making everyone oatmeal in the microwave.

MIL: Wow you’re microwaving oatmeal, what a clever idea. I never would have thought of that.


MIL: That is such a genius idea. Only you would think of doing something so great. How did you ever think of such a thing?

Hubby: Well, the instructions are on the back of the container.

MIL: Oh that’s brilliant. You actually thought to look on the back of the container. You’re so smart.

Okay she didn’t say that last line but that was the jest of the conversation. She now acts like my hubby is the inventor of instant oatmeal. I guess she misses that BIG section of it when she goes to the store. Ugh!

A little background on them. The FIL¬†has a Master’s degree and works in the field of science. He makes a good income, has a nice house, but somehow was extremely sheltered for all of his life. The MIL¬†was also very sheltered, grew up in the same small town as the FIL (they no longer live there and haven’t for about 40 years),¬†has an Associate degree in interior decorating, volunteers at their church, and spends most of her time taking care of her turtles…..we’ve lost count but it’s close to 100. Yeah, uh huh, I know. But that’s a post for another time.

My in-laws¬†know¬†my hubby¬†in a way that isn’t the real him if that makes sense. He was basically agreeable with them while he was growing up even though he doesn’t relate to or agree with a lot of their beliefs. I could go on and on about them, I’m sure I will have more to tell in future posts, but there’s something that happened recently that just has me so….hmmm, pissed off and disgusted.

While we were moving from the east coast to California we made a stop to see my sister, her kids, and my stepdad (my mom divorced him about 8 years ago but he’s still my “real” dad. I have a very complicated family tree). The hubby’s parents live about 6 hours away but decided they’ll drive up since it’s only been about 2 months since we’ve seen them. heh

I was pissed. I hadn’t seen my dad in 2 years and the last time I saw my sister was 3 years ago. My niece, R, is 4 and the last time I saw her was when she was about 9 months old. My nephew, A, is 2 and this was the first time¬†I was meeting him. Also I couldn’t wait to have my daughter meet them for the first time. Maybe it’s selfish but I wanted this time with just my family. They don’t really have the time to fly out and visit whenever they want like my in-laws do.

Finding¬†out the in-laws were staying at the same hotel as us¬†was bad enough. When we finally arrived the hubby asked the desk clerk if they had checked in, they had. So we’re walking to our room and I mentioned to my hubby that I hoped they were on the other side of the hotel. A few minutes after we got into our room there was a knock. It was them and guess what? Not only did they get the room right next to us, it was an adjoining room.Yes, really.

This is what I mean by no boundaries and a total lack of personal space. They don’t have any whatsoever. I couldn’t imagine doing that without asking first. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. When we left to go meet my family at the restaurant, my FIL had to stand outside the hotel room door first and talk about the grain of the wood on the door and how it was cut. Yes, really.

So we went out to dinner with my family and the in-laws and everything about the evening was overly polite and sterile which is how the two of them always are. They always make this polite chit-chat even to their own son. That or they only talk about facts, nothing about opinions or feelings. The best way to describe it is my hubs family is like Leave it to Beaver and mine are like The Simpsons.

Fast forward to the next day. We invited my sister and her kids to hang out with us at the hotel pool. My hubby even got our little girl in the pool for the first time. It took her some time to warmup to it but she ended up loving it. Then the hubby took the little girl back up to the room so he could give her a bath. Of course his dad was right on his ass, no personal space. So it was me, my MIL, my sister, and her two kids still at the pool.

The MIL basically stayed to herself which I found weird since she’s always controlling everything. The best part, when my nephew, A, was standing outside the pool by the ladder. He just stood there and my sis asked him what he was doing.¬† His reply, “I’m peeing!” We cracked up! At least he didn’t pee in the pool. hehe. The MIL was not amused. I thought the stick she had up her ass would go so far up it would choke her.

Not long after, we decided to go out for lunch so we could FINALLY have some time together without two certain people. Beep Beep, no¬†boundary¬†alert. The in-laws came along. My bitchy side came out and my sister and I decided on a Mexican restaurant since the in-laws think that’s just way too exotic.

I need to mention that my 4-year-old niece is in speech therapy. She talks really fast (I think she inherited that from me) and has some problems with certain letters. What’s so weird is my sister had the same problem when she was younger. When someone would ask her how she was she’d say “I’m pine”.

I had told my MIL about R being in speech therapy several times. It would come up for one reason or another. Whether my MIL remembered the countless times I told her about this doesn’t matter. Her behavior towards R was inexcusable.

R had fries with her lunch and noticed my¬†MIL’s ranch dressing that she wasn’t eating that was in a container on the side (she’s on this weird diet and basically can’t eat anything, which probably makes her even¬†more of a bitch). My niece asked if she could have the dressing for her fries.

MIL: What do you say?

I’m kind of thinking that’s a little weird. She has only spent a few hours with R and I didn’t feel it was her place. Also it wasn’t like my niece was saying “Hey ya dumb bitch, give me your dressing”.

R: Pweese.

MIL: Please what?

R: looking confused.

MIL: Repeat after me. Please. may. I….

R: Pweese may I…

MIL: Have. your. ranch. dressing.

R: Tries her hardest but it wasn’t good enough for my MIL. My MIL tells my niece she has to repeat it in a much clearer tone.¬†My sister and I¬†were looking at each other stunned.

R: Says it again as best as she can.

MIL: I guess that’s good enough for now.

What the fuck lady!¬†I knew when this whole thing started, it was all kinds of wrong. But I’m also pretty sensitive and I’m afraid I’ll be overreacting it I do say something. Then I worry that people¬†will be saying “what the hell is up with you?”

And then the MIL saying that’s good enough for now? Are you fucking kidding me? What asshole would say that to a 4-year-old? Well, obviously my MIL. My niece took a salt shaker to salt her fries and that’s when my MIL had to school her in the proper way to salt her food.

First she was trying to get R’s attention. My niece was sitting between me and my sister and we were bonding over queso¬†dip and tortilla chips. I love that little girl! Well R didn’t hear my MIL so she started saying her name. R, hey R, tsk tsk, R, snap snap, hey R. Yes, she was speaking to my niece like a dog. I was speechless.

When she got her attention, she told my niece “This is the proper way to salt your food. First you pick up the shaker, then you put a little in you hand. After that you lightly sprinkle it on your food, to taste.”¬†This woman¬†is just…agh! I can’t even think of a word that would¬†best describe her other than she’s like the Kate Gosselin of the family if you catch my drift.

Later on that night we went over to my sister’s house, without my in laws…yay!, and were finally able to spend some quality time with her family. My sister and I talked about the whole thing and she was pissed but also said she’s just going to let it¬†slide. She does finally see what I’ve been dealing with for years with the MIL and can’t believe just how much of a bitch she really is.

I on the other hand have been pretty upset about the whole thing. R is such a sweet little girl, with so much love to give, and she just ADORED her niece and kept on giving all of us hugs. What bothers me even more is the last time my MIL came to visit, I saw her treating my little girl in some of the same ways as she treated my niece.

My niece will¬†hopefully never have to experience my MIL again. My daughter on the other hand is going to have to deal with this treatment from¬†my MIL¬†for years to come and that crushes me. When it happens, and I know it will, I’m going to speak up. I don’t care if it rocks the boat, I’m not having my daughter in therapy 15 years from now because of how her grandmother treats her. If she’s going to be in therapy, it will be because my hubby and I didn’t allow her to go¬†to some party or we won’t let her date until she’s 18. ūüėČ

There is no way in hell I will allow her to humiliate and pick on my daughter. The cherry on top of this (not); we’re not even moved into our new house yet and the in-laws are already bugging my hubby about coming out to visit soon. Uh yeah, maybe next year.

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Wordless Wednesday: Wide Open Spaces

Linked up with Angry Julie Monday.

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The internet in our hotel room has gone from very slow to¬†mostly nonexistent. If I go outside and hold my laptop above my head then¬†there’s a slight chance it will work (which is what I’m doing right now). The movers finally came Tuesday afternoon even though they said 8 a.m.

To top it all off, the hubby, little girl, and I are sick. Woo hoo! I was supposed to post the next installment of Eat, Pray, Love (India) on Monday but needless to say that will be delayed. I was planning to come over to our new house to use the internet but all I want to do is take a shot of NyQuil and go to bed.

I hope everyone else is having a good week. ūüôā¬† Now off to bed if the little girl will let me.

*Update on update.

Well I took my shot of NyQuil and instead of putting me out of my misery, it got me wired. And speaking of wired, nice segueway if I do say so myself, after three days of the internet not working at our hotel, ta-da! It finally is. For now.

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Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Damien Rice

Damien Rice w/Lisa Hannigan – I Remember

We’re at a new hotel that has very slow internet service so it’s been difficult when it comes to posting. We get our internet service installed in our house today but won’t be moving into¬†the house¬†until the end of the week. I’m hoping to go there¬†after the¬†service is¬†installed¬†since I can’t live without internet service for the rest of the week.¬† ūüėČ

Congratulations to Sara and Travis on the birth of their beautiful little girl Sylvia!

Have a great week everyone!

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Cloth Diapers and Baby Bums.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought about using cloth diapers on her. Then I quickly remembered what a big pain it was for my mom to CD my little sister back in the day. When my little girl had her first birthday back in April, sniff sniff, I started seriously thinking about cloth diapering. So for the next few weeks I read up on the different kinds of cloth diapers and even then I was still confused.

There are hook and loop closures, snaps, all in ones, pocket diapers, prefolds, fitted, unbleached cloth, hemp, fleece, KAPOW! That’s my head exploding. On top of that there are all kinds of colors and designs to pick from, which I actually love. I like having choices but¬†was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t personally know any other moms who used cloth diapers so I was on my own.

I bought a handful of different kinds to try out before I made an investment. Right away I found that the cloth diapers with¬†snaps just didn’t work on my little girl. I love that they would be harder for her to take off and swing around her head or smear¬†all over¬†the wall.¬†

But she’s pretty small for her age and no matter how I adjusted them, they didn’t fit right, even when trying a smaller size. Not only that, my little hummingbird won’t stay still long enough to even snap the diaper.

Next¬†I tried the velcro pocket and all in one diapers. Ding ding ding, I had a winner. They also¬†seemed much easier for my somewhat resistant to cloth diapering hubby to use. The only downside is the all in ones take longer to dry but luckily I have enough on hand so I don’t run out when washing.

I also discovered flushable liners and that just sealed the deal because I was worried about¬†the poopy diapers. I have a very weak stomach and as much as I love my little girl, just thinking about cleaning her poop off of CD’s makes me dry heave.¬† Some of it still gets on the diaper but it’s not nearly as bad with a liner.

¬†Our favorite so far¬†is the bumGenius¬†all in ones.¬†I¬†use prefolds from time to time (when I’m feeling all Earth Mother-ish)¬†with Thirsties and Bummis covers.¬†I also have a few Happy Heiny’s pocket diapers¬†that I’ve¬†been happy with. We still use a disposable on our daughter at night though.

I’ve tried every combination of cloth on her at night but she’ll still wake up covered in pee. Then I get the mommy guilt and I’ll call my hubby at work and tell him¬†I’m a horrible mom because I let my baby sleep for hours soaked in pee.

I would like to use cloth diapers on her full-time so once we get settled in our new house, I’ll keep¬†trying to find the right cloth diaper combo for her at night.

For the past three months that we’ve been cloth diapering, I LOVE it. I also love how cute her little bum looks in them.¬†I wish I knew how easy they were since I would have been cloth diapering my daughter a lot earlier.

*I really like using the Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent in Rage Against the Raspberries. The scent isn’t overpowering at all. I even use it when washing our clothes. I’m¬†not even getting paid to say that (promise), it’s just an awesome cloth diaper detergent.

**I just ordered Thirsties duo diapers and can’t wait to give those a try. I learned really fast that cloth diapers are addicting and I want to try them all.

***Check out TaterTotMom’s site on her experience with cloth diapers.

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TMI Friday

I can’t stand those security word¬†boxes on websites. They distort the words so much and make them look so funky that I feel like I’m 80 with cataracts.

I’ve been doing the happy dance since hearing Prop 8 has been overturned.


Before I started this blog, I went back and forth about whether I should go under an alias or use my real name. I decided to go with an alias for various reasons. One is that there are people in my life including family (particularly¬†my husband’s side)¬†that are very conservative and I’m the odd one out. My hubby is also starting a high-profile job and I don’t want his colleagues to know how crazy his wife is.

I’ve always been very opinionated but I truly respect other people’s views whether it be religion, politics, raising children, etc. even if those views are very different from mine. Sometimes I get annoyed when I’m not allowed that same right. I’m not trying to change people’s beliefs.

By going under an assumed name, I feel like I can freely express myself¬† and be completely honest with the readers of my blog without it getting back to some family members (who don’t respect my views and undermine everything I say and do *coughMILcough*)¬†and my hubby’s co-workers.¬†Occasionally I think screw it, if they do find out then oh well.

The ironic thing is I still feel like I’m censoring myself because I’m afraid that I will offend someone. Take cussing for example. I love the work fuck, but in one post I used fraking¬†instead. Or if I’m feeling overwhelmed with mommyhood, I’m worried if I say “Oh my gawd, my daughter’s whining is driving me crazy”, I’ll be judged as a bad mommy.

So I’m going to try to¬†loosen up my automatic filtering system that I have in my head. As of now the only people who know I have a blog are my hubby, my mom, and my daughter who at 15 months can talk in complete sentences, speak 3 languages (including Pig Latin, which is very important) and is almost finished reading “War and Peace” which she just started this morning. *snort*

¬†I’m sure the cat knows but her paws make it very difficult for her to use a computer. Although I have caught her peeking over my shoulder from time to time when I’m writing.

*Update: I’ve let the cat out of the bag about my blog with some. I hope they know that I would still like to maintain my anonymity.¬† ūüėČ

Eddie Izzard – Being Bilingual

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