California, Here We Come!

We almost have everything packed and tonight we’re going to a hotel. We’ll be there until Friday and then it’s off to Northern California.

There’s a computer problem though. My hubby has his heart set on getting an iPad and we’ve been on a waiting list. The Apple store said it’s likely we’ll get ours by today but we haven’t heard from them yet.

We have a very unreliable (useless) laptop so if we don’t get our iPad this week (giggle…I still think the name is so funny) then I’m going to have to go on a short hiatus. We might have access to a computer at the hotel we’re staying at but I’m not 100% sure. I have a few posts lined up just in case. I hope you’ll check back!

I’m sure you’ve already seen this but I couldn’t resist.

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Don’t Fret, It’s Music Monday! Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco – Little Plastic Castle

Yesterday we decided to take a much needed break from packing and the upcoming move, so we headed to Barnes and Noble. After getting an iced coffee, we went over to the children’s books. We let the little girl run around and play while I picked out a few Elmo books for her. She is so crazy about Elmo. For the past several months I’ve loved him just as much as she has, but lately he’s making me feel kind of stabby.

I came across the cookbook section and there she was, dum dum dum, Julia Child. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a cook. I’m lucky if I don’t mess up a heat and serve dinner (seriously, how sad is that?) but a few months ago we saw the movie Julie and Julia and I fell in love with her. Then a few weeks ago I got her book, My Life In France, and now I’m a Julia Child groupie.

I love to bake and have even thought about taking a few pastry classes once we get settled in California. But now after reading so much about Julia Child and her passion for food, I might actually give cooking another try although I don’t expect miracles. And then I saw this:

Cue the singing angels.

Since we had the little girl’s stroller filled with way too many books already, I decided to pick this one up in the near future. I’ve been looking for a recipe book on baking and I’ve finally found one I think I’m really going to like.

After we left the bookstore, we went to Tarzhay to pick up some last minute things for our move and ended up with an overflowing cart. How does that happen? I made sure to get a box of Archer Farms lemon straws. They remind me of these cookies I used to have when I was a kid, I think they were called Lemon Coolers. I have been on the lookout for those for years but I think they are no more. sniff sniff…

We got home, had dinner, and put the little girl to bed. Of course she wasn’t quite ready for bed yet.

Finally it was back to more packing and before bed I got in a few chapters of My Life In France. I hope everyone has a great Monday and Bon Appetit!

Whatcha lookin' at?

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When I First Got Married I Thought Couples Who Had Seperate Bedrooms Were Crazy. Several Years Later, I Think It’s The Best Idea Ever!

Time: 10 pm-ish

Place: Bedroom


My hubby likes to lie in bed and have quiet time. He’ll read his Mother Jones or Popular Science magazine with our cat laying on his chest. I’ll be watching Friends and occasionally the hubby will point something out in his magazine. I’ll nod, pretend I’m paying attention, and say something like “uh huh” or “oh cool”. After awhile he’ll put down his magazine, give the cat a few treats that she’ll puke up later, and turn off the light. Now this is where the fun starts.

Within ten minutes he’s snoring….loudly. Then he’ll start grinding his teeth. Ree Ree Ree Ree.

He hurt his leg awhile ago which can cause twitchy spasms. Maybe it’s because I keep my toenails so short but I think his toenails can rival Freddy Krueger. So his twitchy leg spasms trigger his Freddy Krueger toenails and he starts scratching the shit out of the sheets. Riiip Riiip Riiip.

Oh and did I mention that he likes to hang his feet over the end of the bed. So let’s recap.

He’s snoring away like a bear. Teeth grinding. Ree Ree Ree Ree. Leg twitching all over the place. Toenails slashing away at the sheets Riiip Riiip Riiip. And his feet are constantly pulling the covers down while I continually grab at them and pull up, grab and pull up.

I’m usually not asleep at this point, I mean how would that even be possible? By this time I’m reading US Weekly or watching Chelsea Handler. Every now and then I punch him in the arm or jab his twitchy leg with my foot lightly tap him to stop his snoring.

A few hours later I’ll still be wide awake, reading or on the computer. His snoring will be so loud that it will usually wake him up. He’ll look at the clock and see how late it is. Then he’ll tell me he can’t sleep and that I’m keeping him up. He’s lucky that I love him so much.

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On The Road Again…

My hubby has been in the military for several years and in a week, we’ll be moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve moved but I think it’s around 8 or 9. It wasn’t so bad when we were on the West Coast and moved from Seattle to San Diego. A couple of years later we moved from San Diego to Northern California.

But moving from N. Cali to the East Coast just plain sucked. At first eating in restaurants is okay, but after a few days I would give anything for a home cooked meal. My hubby is a man of few words so sitting in the car with him for 10-12 hours a day is torture made me loopy. Also I don’t like germy things and staying in a hotel room thanks Dateline NBC really flares up my OCD hand washing.

There’s the comforter on the bed ewww, the carpet that just feels nasty which is why I bring slippers to wear and then burn them later on, that one hair that I always find on the sheet of the bed that doesn’t belong to me or my husband, and don’t even get me started if there’s a mini fridge in the room again thanks Dateline. I just want to douse myself in purrell and put on a biohazard suit.*

Once we finally did get to the East Coast, without killing each other, my hubby treated me to 3 days in a pretty fancy schmancy hotel suite while we looked for a place to live.

Last time we moved we only had our cat,** who makes the most awful gutteral sounds when she’s in the car, and various house plants along for the ride. This time we have our little girl and I am at a loss when it comes to what I should bring for her and what she can do without. At 15 months old and with an attention span of about 2 or 3 minutes if that, I don’t even know how I’m going to keep her occupied in the car.

I’m sure I’ll be using my twitter account often and there will be plenty of crazy tweets from me. Just don’t hold it against me and keep in mind that I’ll be sitting in the car with my hubby who doesn’t talk, a very unhappy cat, and an impatient toddler. Who knows how the house plants are gonna act.

*Since we have a cat while traveling, most of the hotels we’ve stayed at give us a “pet room” and they are pretty gnarly, at least the ones we’ve been in.

**The vet suggested we give our cat a 1/4 of a Benadryl once a day to keep her calm while in the car. Hahaha, easier said than done. First we had to chase her around the house (she knew something was up). Then we had to try to get her mouth open long enough to get the pill in.

We finally got it down her throat but within a few minutes she started hacking and then she started foaming at the mouth. And foaming. And foaming some more (which is why I think it’s hilarious whenever someone on Top Chef makes something like a lobster foam. It looks like something a cat puked up).

The Benadryl got our cat so hyper, she was bouncing off the walls of her carrier (she was like that dog in There’s Something About Mary) while making those awful gutteral sounds. We will never. do. that. again. Fun times!

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Too Much Info.

Random things about me…

1. Dexter is one of my favorite shows. Along with Nurse Jackie, Weeds, and most of the Showtime lineup.

2. I like having shaved legs and crawling into bed that has clean sheets.

3. Since I was 9 years old, I’ve been “in love” with Johnny Depp. Shaved legs, clean sheets, and J.D. ooh la la. Just kidding not really, love you hubs!

4. I LOVE music, especially rock and indie. I love everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Pearl Jam. Some of my favorite musicians are Andrew Bird, Damien Rice, and Ani DiFranco.

5. I don’t like making numbered lists and feel like such a dork for doing so.

6. I’m painfully shy so I can come off as cold and aloof which I hate because I don’t see myself that way at all. I also have panic attacks. Yay me!

7. I think Lindor milk chocolate truffles are orgasmic.

8. 90% of the time my daughter melts my heart. 10% of the time I wish Calgon would take me away.

9. I have a girl crush on Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, and Lauren Ambrose (Claire from Six Feet Under).

10. If I don’t get US Weekly in the mail by Saturday I get twitchy.

11. I like reality t.v. (Bridezillas, Kendra, The Little Couple, Top Chef), although I feel guilty watching some of the shows Kardashians. So I don’t normally tell people about those….sshhh.

12. No matter how many times I’ve seen The Notebook or My Big Fat Greek Wedding, whenever I see that they’re on television, I HAVE to watch them.

13. I have a small dolphin tattoo on my ankle and love anything that has to do with the ocean, except eels, they freak me out BIG TIME.

14. At one time or another I’ve had my belly button, eyebrow, and tongue pierced. Currently it’s just my ears that are pierced.

15. When I was about 6 months old, my grandfather’s wife took me to get my ears pierced…..without asking my mom first.

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Go Speed Racer, Go!

Since she started walking back in June, my little girl is like a hummingbird on crack. My head spins when I watch her race from room to room. I jump around constantly trying to keep her out of harms way and sometimes fail. My body contorts itself in ways I never thought possible. I feel like Linda Blair without the whole possessed by the Devil part although the hubby would probably beg to differ.

Peeing has become an Olympic sport for me. While I’m doing my business, my little girl will walk into the bathroom and stick her hand in the garbage. I take her hand out. She opens up the sink cabinet. I take my foot and close it. She’ll start closing the bathroom door on her fingers. I grab the door just in time. You get the picture. I’ve become a ninja of sorts. My little girl is so hyperkinetic.

It wasn’t too long ago that I would lay her down somewhere and she would, GASP, stay put. In her early months I would have trouble finding the time to take a shower, do laundry, or anything that would require me to take my eyes off of her for a second because oh my gawd what if I missed out on her doing something!! Ahem. I look back and see how much time I did have and think to myself why the hell didn’t I take advantage of it because now, that ship has sailed.

*A big thanks to Stesha for help with my link issue!

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Bloggity blog.

I came across my first blog* about 1 1/2 years ago and that first blog opened the door to reading others. During that time I was pregnant with my little girl and it was so nice to actually hear women speak truthfully about their kids and their lives, I absolutely love it.

For months I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog** but kept putting it off. I used to love writing but hadn’t done it in so long. Finally I said screw it and on July 2nd this site was “born”.

I know I have a lot to learn in the bloggity world*** and there’s also some technical things that have me perplexed. I just can’t think of what they are right now since my little girl is downstairs with my hubby and she’s screaming. It’s making my brain melt.

It’s so cheesy but I’m really hoping to find my “voice” with this blog and I know I’m not anywhere near that right now. What I have in my head hasn’t been translating the way I want it to on this site….yet. So basically what I’m trying to say is bear with me well you really don’t have to. It’s not like I’m going to tie you to a chair and make you read my rambling thoughts. I’ll leave it at that because my daughter is still screaming and having a tantrum so my brain has shut. down.

*The first blog I ever read was Anne Nahm and for however long she posts, I’ll read it.

**I’m still playing around with the way this site looks so it might change in the next week.

***If someone can tell me how to put links in my blog posts, I will love you forever. You will be the wind beneath my wings.

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