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I’m a loser…. baby.


OMG, there’s a war going on, run for cover, agghhhhhh!

Thanks to some very lovely fuckhead, they put this post of mine, Toddler PMS, on the child free community page on Reddit. While I do write some serious things, I really like to take every day issues when it comes to parenting, and make light of it.

Everyone needs a laugh.

For me personally, I love to read things that I can relate to and feel much better that I’m not the only one.

I was ambushed by this child free community but I don’t blame the community as a whole. I deleted several comments that were hateful before I finally said fuck it and approved others that came my way.

At first I was hurt by being slammed with such hateful messages but after a few days, I just thought these people were fucking insane.

Just the losers that had to tell me what a shitty parent I am because they think I can’t control my child. I wrote that post when the humingbird wasn’t quite 2, and if you’re a parent. WOW, you know how a kid can be at that age.

Especially when they can’t verbalize what they want.

Here’s the link to what was on Reddit:

“Saw this on my Facebook feed. There’s absolutely NOTHING parents can do about a screaming toddler, didn’t you know? It’s not like it’s their own child or anything for which they are responsible.”

The comments that barraged me were so hateful, these people were reading my Twitter feed, and sending me email. Only because I have a child and I wrote about a particulary bad day that we had 2 years ago, which is when I wrote that post. Just a post where I was trying to find the funny side to parenting so we don’t lose our minds.

I also love in that link that they bashed that I even had time to blog. You see CF”ers, there’s this little thing called preschool and bedtime when I can have some time to write.

I would like to say a big thank you to Leah for an email she sent where she apologized on behalf of this child free commnunity. As I’ve said before, I don’t think all child free people are this hateful.

Most of the comments were cruel and pretty fucking stupid. I can easily be immature and sink down to a bottom feeder’s level, which is what I did in most comments. But here’s a comment that I’m down with. She was actually adult about it, unlike the others, so I acted like one too.

Kaereste February 13, 2013 at 16:31 

Hm. My mother would have taken me straight home if I threw a fit in a store. That was not acceptable behavior. If I fought her on the way to the park, I wouldn’t get to go to the park. I was never spanked, but I knew there were consequences for acting out. Basically, if I couldn’t behave in public, I wouldn’t be out in public.

She managed to do this as a single mother. There is really no reason to tolerate temper tantrums.

Elle February 14, 2013 at 00:45

Hi Kaereste. Thank you for your comment. As I’ve already said to someone else,, this was just a glimpse into my life, which was a particulary bad day. My daughter is normally well behaved. It took her a little longer to start talking and this happened when she wasn’t quite 2.

For a while, it was very difficult communicating verbally with her because I didn’t always know what her needs were since she couldn’t tell me. This is when she would act out and I can see how frustrating that could be for her.

It’s not that I tolerate her tantrums, There are just some days when a child will be unpredictable and cranky. Kids have bad days just like adults.

But then there was this one from a former preschool teacher, or so she says.

Tara February 13, 2013 at 15:08 

As a former preschool teacher you are completely wrong. Unless there I a mental illness preventing your child from understanding direction there was NO child I could not stop from having inappropriate tantrums. Hundreds of children, not one problem. Sounds like you let your child run your life. Also your dismissive rude comments to the childfree are incredibly rude. I feel sorry for the future of humanity that you are contributing to.

Elle February 13, 2013 at 20:20 

Well, “your CF people” called me a shitty parent and my child a fucking brat AND a little shit. Just from a tiny post that shows a glimpse of my life. When that happens, my mama bear is coming out….not that you would know anything about that.

Every Gift Begins With Kay

Kay, such a crazy motherfucker, was pretty entertaining.

Kay February 14, 2013 at 19:49

It’s nice to know that all CF’ers do nothing more than jerk off and play video games. Thank you for reinforcing the stereotype of juvenile, proud-to-a-fault ‘I popped out a womb goblin’, so hear me roar mom.

We do remember that we were, at one point, children. That we too were shitheads as well. However, on countless occasions, recall my mother putting her foot down the second I acted up, not standing idly bye, waiting for the shitstorm to run its course.

Congratulations on reproducing, really, good for you if it makes you happy then by all means, squeeze out as many mewling cabbages as you can.

All the best,

Previous, mewling useless, drooling, screaming germ factory/money pit/mistake.

Elle February 14, 2013 at 20:16 

Your child free community has said the most vulgar, hateful things to me and about my family for the past few days JUST because I have a child. So you really think I’m going to be nice?!

Go fuck yourself. You can’t get a germ infested little shit that way.

And Kay just couldn’t stop there. Also, I never said she called my child a germ infested little shit. I was making fun of her choice of words when it came to children. I didn’t read her next comment before I responded to her but have since read it.

Kay February 15, 2013 at 09:11 

It actually makes me laugh, I refer to myself as once upon a time, being a ‘germ infested, little shithead’ and you instantly take it to heart that I called your offspring that. Control your hormones woman, I was under the impression that all mothers had thick skin. (the gods know mine does, I’m still blown away that she had me and wasted countless opportunities to pursue a career and a life that would have made her happy, one that she deserved and still deserves, for the sake of my brother and I. But I digress).

Secondly, the CF community, is not my community. I don’t ascribe to any ‘community’ really. Though I do share a handful of their views when it comes to children. Sadly, the well behaved, polite children I used to come across, seem to be a rare, if not extinct, species.

Third, I”m going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s been …crudely, negative opinions voiced because the majority are fed up with parents that refuse to remove their screaming children from the vicinity whilst their in the throes of a violent hissy fit. You smile and giggle about your childs screaming fits, coddling her when they take place, catering to her “game” as you called it. That’s what undoubtedly pushed the masses to critic and judge you so harshly. However. trust me, it’s not just you that the majority of CF’ers have an issue with. There is nothing more rage inciting than watching a parent, nonchalantly stroll around their flailing spawn, acting as if the behavior is completely acceptable. It’s not.

I always smile when someone tells me to ‘go fuck myself’. As if that were a bad thing = )

Thank you, brightened my morning.

Ummm, yeah, Kay really needs to get a life.

Elle February 15, 2013 at 12:20 

I didn’t read your comment but thanks for wasting your time typing it out.

So, what did I learn from this clusterfuck of crazies? Nothing really. But they sure were pretty fucking amusing.

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From the archives: It’s the most wonderful time of the year to stay inside your house because people will cut you for a parking space at the mall.

It’s that time of year to cozy up on the couch while making my husband watch holiday movies, drink hot cocoa with Bailey’s, and eat yummy shortbread cookies.

The time of year when my husband hangs Christmas lights up on the house using a very questionable wooden ladder, a la’ Clark Griswold, that we got after one of our many moves. The moving guys didn’t want to bother finding the rightful owner so they just gave it to us.

Someone must have a hit out on my hubby since it’s the ladder from the depths of hell.

Aaand despite it being shady and very wobbly with screws hanging out of it that aren’t attached to the steps of the ladder like they should be, he uses it anyway with a bum foot that he broke 4 years ago that still gives him problems.

It’s also the time of year when I’m especially thankful to shop online, from the safety of my own home, instead of buying gifts in shops that Christmas zombies inhabit. They are out for blood and will eat you alive for a scarf that’s on sale.

Recently, my hubby went to get us lunch at Chipotle and the closest one to our house is at the mall. He was gone for over an hour and when he came back home, he was looking pretty traumatized.

I asked him what was wrong, not even thinking about the shopping apocalypse, and he said “You sent me to. the. mall. Everyone is out Christmas shopping. There are craaazzzy people out there”.

My bad.

I know the holiday season is for giving but I would rather not receive what people are doling out. During the holiday, people give you the finger and play bumper death cars for a parking spot.

Then you have to deal with the chaos inside the store. People give you a hard time while ramming you with their carts and they stand in the middle of the freaking aisle so you can’t pass.

You’re given the crowds and you’re also given the person who lets one rip in the middle of the crowds. Since you have nowhere to go, you’re stuck smelling the smells of the season. Fa La La La La.

All of that giving leaves my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Still, despite having to miss out on all of that Christmas fun, I’m shopping online instead.

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