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Six Years


I just realized something today. It’s been six years since I’ve been blogging which led me to follow my dreams and publish real books. I could go on and on but I’ll make this short. Well, probably not that short.

Because I’m so thankful that people actually read my nonsensical ramblings, I want to give some shit away. And, it’s me giving it away from the bottom of my heart, not some sponsored thing. These are things I love to use on a regular basis.

The winner will receive cocoa butter body butter and creamy cocoa butter body wash from The Body Shop. The second place winner will receive some awesome bath bombs from Lush. My friend, Dee, introduced me to them and when my 7 year-old takes a bath with a Lush bath bomb, her skin is so soft and her hair is more manageable. They’re wonderful.

The giveaway ends Tuesday, July 12th at 11:59 EST and will be picked by the trusty random number generator. If you’re like me then you’re thinking “EST, what the hell? I have to do math for this?” Don’t worry… as long as your entry is time stamped before midnight, your entry will count.

It’s also one entry per person and it’s not just inclusive to the United States. You can be anywhere in the world. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me this:

What’s one of your guilty pleasures?

P.S. I’m really loving reading your comments! One of my many guilty pleasures is watching episodes of Sex And The City or UnReal while eating a hook and ladder sandwich from Firehouse Subs when my daughter is in school and the hubby is at work.

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20 DIY ways to pamper your skin.


Once upon a time, I used to be an Esthetician and although I’m still licensed, I’d like to go back to school to update my skills. I love making my own skin care products and hope to someday have my own small skin care line that I can sell on Etsy or even my own blog.

Some of the recipes are what I’ve done over at What The Flicka? I hope you enjoy these DIY skin care recipes I’ve come up with!

1. Chocolate Pecan Pie Body Scrub.

2. Hydrating Body Butter.

3. Cafè Mocha Face Mask.

4. Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars.

5. Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Face Mask.

6. Skin Brightening Papaya Face Mask.

7. Soothing Parsley Toner.

8. Cinnamon Face Mask For Acne.

9. Chocolate Espresso Mask For Face And Body.

10. Blueberry Pie Face Mask.

11. Coconut Cream Sugar Scrub.

12. Antiseptic Ointment.

13. Super Moisturizing Lip Balm.

14. Cinnamon Sugar Foot Scrub.

15. Warm Vanilla and Chocolate Salt Scrub and Sugar Mama Lip Exfoliator.

16. Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak.

17. Fizzy Bath Bombs.

18. Brown Sugar Blackhead Scrub.

19. Oat Straw And Goat’s Milk Bath Tea.

20. Vanilla Latte Bar Soap.

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Cafè Mocha Face Mask

Mocha Facial Mask1Chocolate and coffee and milk, oh my! The chocolate in this mask helps soothe your skin, plus it’s really great aromatherapy. The coffee and milk are natural exfoliants and help remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin very happy. Caffeine is a diuretic that helps to tighten the skin.

You could always double or triple the recipe and use it in trouble spots to reduce cellulite. Yes, you can literally slather your body in coffee and chocolate. Woo hoo! Enjoy!

What you’ll need:

1 tablespoon extra fine ground coffee

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

4 teaspoons whole milk

Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl with a fork until it turns into a thick paste. Apply to your face or other trouble areas and leave on your skin for 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and apply moisturizer. Make sure to treat yourself to some chocolate while waiting.

Skin care tip: When washing your face, wash it 2x. The first cleanse removes the surface dirt and oil. The second cleanse is more deep cleaning. Remember to use toner, which preps the skin and helps to remove any residue, before you moisturize.

*Ani DiFranco ~ Little Plastic Castle

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Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars

I think lotion bars are pretty great. They are so moisturizing, especially in the winter months. Not only that, this lotion bar only has 3 ingredients. Cocoa butter helps retain the moisture in your skin and has a nice chocolate smell to it. Bramble Berry is a great site to go to for all of your supplies.

1/3 cup beeswax (If you prefer, you can use candellila wax that’s vegan)

1/3 cup cocoa butter

1/3 cup coconut oil

In a small saucepan, add the above ingredients and melt on low heat, stirring frequently. I added an almond fragrance oil, about 1 teaspoon, but you can just leave them the way the are. Use any kind of mold you’d like (I used a muffin pan with cupcake holders) and pour the melted mixture evenly into the molds.

By using the muffin pan, I was able to get 4 lotion bars. It will just depend on the mold you use. Let sit for a few hours in the pan until completely cooled.

To speed up the process, put the pan in the freezer for 15 minutes.


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Easy Skin Care Tips

Even though I haven’t worked as an esthetician for years, to this day I still check out people’s eyebrows to see if they need shaping. Ha! I also see skin damage and some strange things on my husband’s skin.

One time he had something on his back that I nicknamed “the barnacle” and I told him to get it checked out but he wouldn’t. It fell off a couple of years later and he was like See, I don’t need a doctor. Buttmunch.

1. Water – If you want to know how much water you really need, divide your weight by 2 and that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking daily.

2. Take the make-up off at night – Your skin rejuvenates while you’re sleeping so anything left on your face like make-up or a case of an oily face, all that gunk goes down into your skin while you sleep.

3. Whatever type of skin you have, even oily skin, moisturize – one of the problems with oily skin is that some who have it don’t think they need to moisturize. It actually makes your oily skin worse when you don’t moisturize.

4. Facial cleansing – When cleaning your face in the morning and at night, first wash your face, twice in a row. The first wash gets rid of the surface dirt. It deep cleans your skin the second time. Then use a non-alcoholic toner to remove any remaining facial cleanser film and to prep your skin for the next step. Lastly, use a moisurizer during the day and night cream, well, at night, of course. Night cream is thicker than regular moisturizers and all that hydrating goodness goes down into your skin.

5. Use sunscreen– I’m guilty when it comes to forgetting sunscreen but even when it’s a cloudy day, you can get sun damage if you’re not using at least an SPF 15. If you’re using a foundation with spf, the amount you use for your face isn’t enough coverage from the sun. You need to supplement with a sunscreen.


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Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak

*I’ve been in a major writing funk (I think it’s the new anti-depressant I’m on) but the pilot light to my brain is finally starting to switch back on. My kitchen has turned into a skin care testing lab for the skin care line I’m working on. While my brain reboots, here’s something that’s almost better than Xanax. Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak. It’s so relaxing.

After a long day with my daughter, I love to have a nice, hot bath (which doesn’t happen often enough) and this bath soak is a great addition. Oatmeal is soothing and softens the skin. Epsom Salt is magnesium and sulfate which helps reduce inflammation, soothes sore muscles, and relaxes the body. Cinnamon is a natural antiseptic that helps kill bacteria and prevents infection. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup rolled oats

½ cup of Epsom salts

½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

(note: this makes enough for approx. 3 baths)

Put all of the ingredients in a food processor until the mixture is smooth.

Put 4 tablespoons in a small muslin bag or cheesecloth which you can cut into a smaller size and you can re-use both. I didn’t have either on hand so I used the large Teavana tea filters.

I tied some thread in a double knot (tie really tight) around the top of the tea filter. Throw it in the bath under the running water and soak all your problems away for 10-20 minutes with a glass of wine.

After the bath soak, make sure to moisturize really well. I like using Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. Enjoy!


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Feast your eyes on this: chocolate pecan pie body scrub.

A few months ago I mentioned that I’m going to be starting a natural skin care line so I’ve been doing the research to see what kind of scary venture lies ahead. I’ve made a couple of the products and will have people testing them soon and wanted to give you a glimpse.

I haven’t even started on packaging yet and have yet to figure out what I want. What I thought I wanted isn’t what I wanted after all.

This body scrub is to die for and part of the reason I’ve semi-abandoned my blog recently. I’ve been doing too many things at once.

These aren’t the exact ingredients for the body scrub in the skin care line since I’ve had to keep some secrets. It’s edible so of course I took a bite while in the shower. Nice and sugary.

I lifted this off of my new blog The Good Food Diaries so I’ll keep the little intro I wrote that my husband did not get. at. all. but Tricia did. If anything you should go over to check out my recipe disaster that happened over the weekend.


Years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was an Esthetician, I used to love making natural skin care products. It was difficult back then because I didn’t speak dinosaur so my efforts were hindered. Recently though I’ve been back in the kitchen trying out different skin care recipes and came up with this one. Chocolate Pecan Pie Body Scrub. Yum!
1/2 cup turbinado sugar
1/4 cup very light (or extra virgin) olive oil
2 tablespoons finely chopped pecans
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Stir all of the ingredients together, mixing well.
Put the scrub into a jar with a tight-fitting lid.
Store the body scrub in a cool, dry place and it will keep for around 4 weeks.
Use once a week in the shower, gently rubbing into your skin and making sure to avoid your face. Enjoy!


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