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*I decided to add this as a separate post so I can link back to it in future posts.

One of my favorite places to donate is iLoveSchools.  I’m in no way being paid or being threatened by Zombies to promote iLoveSchools. I just want every child to have a chance to get an education, and possibly fall in love with reading, writing, and art like I did when I was younger, as well as having the proper school supplies.

To this day I love to write, if I don’t read, I feel like you might as well cut my right arm off which would be holding my kindle, and I am a total Art History dork.

After looking through several programs, I found this teacher in need of art supplies and this librarian in need of books and it depends on you. Mrs. Haystead needs a total of $87.21 for supplies and librarian Mrs. Warren needs a total of $56.21 for books.

These are just a few of the things they need for their students.


 For every comment mentioning teacher Mrs. Haystead or librarian Mrs. Warren, the more creative the better…perhaps a haiku =), I’ll donate $1.00 and if you mention both, they each get that amount and it will go up until they receive the amount that they need.

That means Mrs. Haystead needs approximately 87 comments mentioning her and Mrs. Warren needs 56.

Whew! Please spread the word since I would love to help these teachers….and you don’t have to pay a dime. :^)

So, get those comments coming in! You have until December 15th to leave comments mentioning them on any post. I’d like to donate to them by then so they can have an even happier holiday.

Here’s some music to listen to while you’re leaving those comments.

Pomplamoose – River Shiver

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