An Ass As Big As A Hot Air Balloon

If you want honesty, talk to a kid. When my daughter wants more information about something that I just can’t find the words for, I tell her to ask her dad. A few years ago, my daughter took a picture of my butt which she thought was funny. When I saw the picture, my ass […]

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Second Grade

It was rough last year when my daughter was in second grade. While I have the absolute highest respect for anyone that works with children since that shit isn’t easy, my daughter’s teacher and the hummingbird didn’t quite mesh. The bird completely adored her teacher but her teacher seemed to have some harsh things to […]

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Notebooks, And Daily Planners, And Pens…

I make my way into the entrance. I’m welcomed by a greeter who says hello and I flash a quick smile towards them. I’m here on one mission and one mission only. I swerve out of the way of a mom with two toddlers and a runaway shopping cart. And then. I step into my […]

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Of Course I’m Going To Run Into Someone I Know When I Look Like I Fell Out Of The Ass Of A Tyrannosaurus Rex

When I was in my pre-teen/teen years, my mom would tell me why bother with the way I look when we were just going to a trip to the grocery store or the laundromat. Guess what? Mommie dearest lied. You’re, in fact, destined to run into anyone and everyone when you look like your dying […]

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Book Suggestions For Kids And Adults

Soon, it will be the New Year! I really hope next year will be a better year than this year. I might have suggested some of these books in the past and for that, I’m a dumbass. I can’t remember every book I’ve suggested previously. I’ve been finding more comfort in books than ever before. […]

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I Don’t Know How Jake Tapper Doesn’t Rage Against These Dumbfucks

As much as I try not to watch the news, Jake Tapper from CNN calls to me from time to time. I know his urge to rage against some of his guests must be strong… Rage Against The Machine, Jake… but he holds it together much better than I ever would expect. Take for example […]

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